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Humberly González wants his character in Star Wars Outlaws to come to live action

The Venezuelan actress, who plays Kay Vess in the next Ubisoft game, assured that "it would be a dream" for this to happen

With the announcement of the release date of Star Wars Outlaws, the next open world game based on the franchise created by George Lucas that will arrive on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on August 30, 2024, fans of Star Wars and video games in general want to know much more about Kay Vess, an intergalactic rogue played by Venezuelan actress Humberly González.

Through a recent interview with the media TheDirect, the 32-year-old actress (from Punto Fijo, Falcón state, Venezuela) said in an interview that “it would be a dream” for Disney and Lucasfilm to bring Kay Vess, the character she plays, to live action.

“Oh, absolutely. And I hope so. Because the story itself is canonical. There is a lot to explore. And I feel like people would love her in real life. And yes, it would surely be a dream,” Humberly said.

It should be noted that the Star Wars franchise has a transmedia narrative universe, this being a type of story that takes place on multiple platforms and media such as movies, series, comics, theme parks (Galaxy's Edge) and of course, the video game. This allows the events that occurred in Star Wars Outlaws to be part of the original canon of the saga.

Taking this into account, Humberly González was later asked which character from the Star Wars canon he would like to meet playing Kay, immediately answering: “the most amazing villain of all time,” referring to Darth Vader.

Star Wars Outlaws, Humberly González's debut in the saga

Ubisoft prepares us to discover this new story set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back (Episode 5) and Return of the Jedi (Episode 6), allowing the player to explore unique planets throughout the galaxy, both new and classic.

Players will risk it all as Kay Vess, a rookie scoundrel searching for freedom and a way to start a new life with her traveling companion, Nix. In this open world game you can fight, steal and deceive crime syndicates, and join the most wanted list in the entire galaxy.

The main enemies of Star Wars Outlaws will be none other than the criminal organizations of the galaxy, as well as the Galactic Empire. In fact, the Pykes, the Scarlet Dawn and the Hutts will join forces with Sliro, líder of the Zerek Besh crime family to dominate the underworld while the Empire fights the Rebellion.

In this sense, we can see that the game will present a two-way fight: on the one hand, the battle between the Empire and the Rebellion, and on the other hand, the fight for control of the galactic underworld between the different criminal organizations. Without a doubt, this new title promises to be an exciting experience for Star Wars fans.

In this, our protagonist, Kay Vess, along with Nix and ND-5, will have to enter the criminal underworld and among the ranks of the Galactic Empire to carry out their mission and survive in the attempt.

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