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Among Us gives a first look at its animated series

Innersloth showed the first images of the Among Us animated series during the Summer Game Fest 2024 conference

One of the surprises that this year's Summer Game Fest offered us is a teaser trailer for Innersloth's most notable game. The Among Us animated series is a fact, although there is no date or platform announced, they did give us a first look.

CBS Studios is official producer of the series along with animation by the acclaimed Tithouse and Innersloth herself as financier of the project. They showed during the video game conference what their new animated project looks like for the colorful space crew members.

Although the dubbing cast had already been announced previously, this is the first time that we can see what the animation of these colorful characters would be like. Although there is no approximate date, fans are more than excited.

The Among Us animated series will be a show full of teamwork and betrayals, it is expected that the series will meet the characteristic situations offered by this fun friendly deduction game.

In the project home page You can find more information about the series, among which are the aforementioned stars who will bring the characters to life for its English-speaking version and the personality of each colorful crew member.

In the teaser they show us the 11 colorful crew members, who will have a characteristic personality that distinguishes them beyond color. Along with the shadowy figure of the Impostor, an entity that impersonates the crew members to eliminate them, sowing discord in the group.

Many users are looking forward to seeing everything Innersloth has to show regarding this project. But, for the moment, all that remains is to wait for a release date and the respective platform to enjoy it.

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