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Capcom confirms the development of the next Resident Evil

Various rumors claim that the next title in the Resident Evil franchise could arrive in early 2025.

During the recent program Capcom Next, Koshi Nakanishi, director of the company, confirmed something that was already assumed, but that until then was mere speculation, and that is that they are already developing a next large-scale Resident Evil game, which means that it will not be It will be a simple remake, but rather an original concept.

Nakanishi himself will be in charge of directing this new title after doing his work with Resident Evil 7. In the broadcast, the director mentioned that it was difficult to know what to do after said title, but that he finally found what to do and assures that it is something "substantial".

“I can't share any details yet, but I hope you're excited for the day I can,” Koshi Nakanishi said.

In case you're not familiar with his work, Nakanishi is a Capcom veteran, having worked on the franchise since Resident Evil 5 was released in 2009. Resident Evil 7 is often considered one of the best games in the series, and marks the point at which the franchise took a considerable turn, adopting a first-person perspective and more horror-based themes than ever before. For some, it left the basic principles of the saga behind, but as a game, it was truly acclaimed by critics and the public.

The last main game in the franchise, Resident Evil Village, presented players with a larger map to explore; Nakanishi's comments about the next game being more substantial could indicate that an even larger setting will be introduced in whatever game comes after.

For a few months now, various rumors have claimed that Resident Evil 9 could be released in early 2025.

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