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Blumhouse Games surprises the public with its horror games

The Hollywood movie production company surprised the Summer Game Fest audience with six new horror games

One of the most anticipated announcements during this summer Game Fest 2024 was to see what the emerging Blumhouse studio had to show. The horror film production company surprised the public with some interesting titles in which horror stands out as the main theme.

The production company set foot in the video game industry, working together with several developers. Managing to show an exciting showcase with titles which attracted much more attention than expected.

What were the games announced by Blum House?

  • Crisol Theater of Idols (Vermila Studios)

Immerse yourself in a unique first-person horror adventure, folklore and religion intertwined in a nightmarish version of Spain. Players will be able to navigate a world filled with eerie legends and sacred rituals, facing terrifying statues of saints that come to life. In a desperate fight for survival, the player must sacrifice his own blood to use as ammunition against the horrors that lurk around every corner.

  • Grave Seasons (Perfect Garbage)

A charming pixelated city and farming simulation game. Amid all the relationship building and crop gathering, players must discover which of the town's inhabitants is a supernatural serial killer. You'll uncover the hidden secrets of Ashenridge and find a way to stay one step ahead of the killer... Maybe you can save the next victim.

  • Sleep Awake (Eyes Out)

First-person psychedelic horror set in the distant future. In the last known city on Earth, people disappear in their sleep. Those who remain live in a crisis of reckless experiments to stay awake. Katja must navigate depraved death cults, otherworldly forces, and the ever-present horror of The HUSH, to save herself and those who depend on her.

Fear the Spotlight (Cozy Games Pals)

A creepy love letter to classic '90s teen horror stories. Designed for a modern audience, you'll sneak into an after-hours school with Vivian and Amy. You must survive a seance gone wrong, solve tactile puzzles, and uncover the haunting mystery behind a school tragedy from decades earlier. Whatever you do, you must stay out of the spotlight. Fear the Spotlight will be released later this year.

  • The Simulation (Playmestudio)

A never-before-seen horror game is the only evidence found at a crime scene. Taking control of a retired game designer hired to investigate the case, you find a stealth mode that plunges you into a rabbit hole of the unknown. As darker games are discovered, you will cross the fourth wall of these worlds and delve deeper into terrifying truths that transcend reality itself...

  • Project C****** (Half Mermaid)

An ambitious and unrevealed mystery game from the minds of Sam Barlow and Brandon Cronenberg. This game will be the most twisted take on Half Mermaid yet, there is no further information about it and the full name of the project is redacted.

Does Blumhouse have a future within the video game industry?

“We want Blumhouse Games to be the new home of indie horror.” He added the company in a statement after the conference. “We are partnering with independent development teams around the world to create unique and chilling experiences on consoles, PC and mobile devices.”

Blumhouse games plan to span a variety of genres, each with their distinctive terrifying take on this genre in the world of video games.

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