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Atomfall has been revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase

The single-player action and survival game developed by Rebellion will arrive in 2025 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC

One of the third party games presented at this year's Xbox Games Showcase was without a doubt Atomfall, a single-player action and survival game developed by Rebellion (Sniper Elite, Zombie Army) and published by 505 Games that will arrive on Xbox, PlayStation, Game Pass and PC consoles in 2025.

Atomfall is inspired by a real-world nuclear disaster that occurred in the north of England in 1957. The game follows a fictional story in which you find yourself in the quarantine zone five years after the event. Set in the British countryside, with idyllic pubs, quaint villages and red telephone boxes, it soon becomes clear that things are far from normal.

Explore the countryside, towns and settlements and meet strange people, evil cults, rogue government agencies and others along the way. Explore this open-world adventure and search for the truth at your own pace. Atomfall , a single-player action-survival game, combines post-war Britain with Cold War paranoia, folk horror and elements of classic British science fiction to create an immersive and exciting gaming experience.

Beyond this, not much is known about the game. Based on what can be seen in the trailer, it appears to be an open-world game with many RPG and base-building elements for the player to survive.

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