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This is Infinity Nikki, the adorable open world game with waifus

The State of Play unveiled this anime-style costume game that will have a beta later this year

Criticism about the State of Play presentations was immediate, and many viewers assured that it was a wave of shooters and Soulslikes that were very similar to each other. However, several games managed to stand out on their own, of which we have Infinity Nikki, an open world game that will allow you to dress and photograph your own anime girl.

Developed by Inford Games, the Nikki series is a collection of dress-up games with 12 years of stories. Nikki, the protagonist of this saga, has grown up with her fans.

In this fifth installment, Infinity Nikki, its developers merged dress-up gameplay with the open-world genre, allowing Nikki to explore using the special abilities of different outfits in a warm and charming world. This can enrich players' gaming experience and spice up their lives.

The open world of this game is called Miraland, the setting of the Nikki series. On this continent, styling is not just a search for beauty. It also has magical powers. In previous games, Nikki is given the mission to save Miraland and she trusts in the power of style to change the fate of the world. The clothing styles of various nations, whether lavish or fantastical, add unique aspects to Nikki's journey.

What's new in Infinity Nikki?

Infinity Nikki opens a new chapter. Nikki and her friend Momo arrive at Miraland which belongs to an alternate timeline. A big world lies before them, bringing endless possibilities and more challenges. However, Nikki's determination remains as unwavering as ever.

Nikki will travel with Momo through the extraordinary nations of Miraland, each with a unique culture and history. They will meet all kinds of people and creatures full of creativity and fantasy. They will also be able to collect exquisite costumes of various styles through different means. On their journey, Nikki and Momo will encounter special scenarios and perplexing puzzles. They overcome trials together, demonstrating the strength of their friendship.

At the moment, the game remains without an approximate launch window. However, a beta test will arrive later this year so that waifu lovers can get to know the magic of this title.

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