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Akimbot, a robotic platform and space action adventure

The new Evil Raptor proposal will arrive on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on August 29

Evil Raptor and PLAION have announced Akimbot, a 3D action and platform game where we will play Exe, an outlaw robot and his companion Shipset. The game will arrive on PC and consoles on August 29.

In the game you will be in a world where only robots exist, being able to travel through space and facing the Evilware army. An evil scientist who plans to dominate the entire galaxy.

You'll be able to explore worlds and atmospheres on unique planets, drive a space gunner, and manage your weapon upgrades as you progress through the game's story.

The ships are not the only vehicles you can drive and the movement around the stage will focus a lot on the most dynamic platforming that this third-person robotic action experience can offer you.

Akimbot demo is now available

Players will be able to explore the first steps of this adventure in the Akimbot demo, available during Steam Next Fest starting June 10 at 1 PM Venezuela time.

If you are interested in this game, do not hesitate to add it to your Wishlist at PC, PlayStation 5 y Xbox Series X | S respectively, if you are curious or have more questions, you can also consult the official game page.

“Set in a sci-fi world where only robots exist, you will be able to travel the galaxy and experience non-stop robotic mayhem and explosive action. Playing as Exe, a robot outlaw with an unexpected sidekick named Shipset, you will fight your way through vast armies of robots, controlling spaceships while forging your own path on a mission to save the universe from imminent doom.”

“This journey begins as many great stories do, with a prison break…”

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