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They will repair sections of fallen sewers in more than 10 communities in Acarigua

1.270 meters of pipe will be replaced south of the city

In 10 communities in Acarigua, Portuguesa state, sections of fallen sewers will be repaired to correct the collapse of the system to the south of the city and improve the quality of life in the area, which is also the most populated in the town.

The works will be executed by the national, regional and municipal governments to respond to the demand of the Villa Pastora, Bella Vista I, Campo Lindo, Bicentenario de Páez, Gonzalo Barrios, Padre Moreno, La Corteza, 23 de Enero, Camoruquito Zona sectors. South and La Cortecita.

According to Mayor Rafael Torrealba, the work plan includes the replacement of 1.270 linear meters of pipe, which will be added to the 2,7 kilometers of sewage pipe that have been replaced so far in 2024 in Acarigua.

2,7 kilometers of pipe have been replaced this year in the Acarigua sewer network

Reinforcement of the Wastewater Plan

Torrealba announced that with the rehabilitation of collectors in new residential sectors of Acarigua, the 2024 Wastewater Plan will be reinvigorated, in order to advance the consolidation of an adequate sanitation system and improve the quality of life for the inhabitants of the agroindustrial city of Venezuela .

“We hope that this initiative will have a positive impact in order to provide quality basic services to our citizens,” he highlighted.

He alleged that this action is crucial to improve the operation of the wastewater network in Acarigua, the capital of the Páez municipality, and in this way “guarantee a healthy environment for everyone. “This is just the beginning,” he stated.

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