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Rivers and canals are monitored in Portuguesa in the face of heavy rains

Rivers and drains increase their water levels in Guanare, Ospino, Acarigua and Araure

Given the heavy and continuous rains this Tuesday, May 21, monitoring of rivers, pipes, streams and canals was activated in Portuguesa to permanently monitor the course of the waters and act in a timely manner in the event of any emergency.

Civil Protection reported that officials of the Integrated Risk Management System are deployed, evaluating and reinforcing the constant supervision of channels, drains and areas susceptible to flooding.

The Fire Department added that both bodies of water and drainage systems are under preventive surveillance in different municipalities of Portuguesa, especially in Guanare, the state capital, where the Guanare River increased its water level by 15%, and in Araure , where there is a 50% increase in the flow of the Quebrada de Araure and several channels.

The report from @bomberosportuguesa on Instagram indicates that in different parts of Acarigua the drains have a flow above 60% of the normal level, while in Ospino there is a 10% increase in the water levels of the Ospino River and the pipes of Azúcar and El Sapo.

According to the agency, in Turén and other areas of Portuguesa such as Sucre (Biscucuy), located in the upper area, normality is observed in the course of the rivers and rainfall persists in the afternoon, in a light manner.

Public service teams from different municipalities have joined the deployment of rescue forces in Portuguesa, in order to supervise the operation of drainage and mitigate the impact of winter in risk areas, historically vulnerable to rain.

The mayor of Guanare, Óscar Novoa, reported that in the capital municipality of Portuguesa “there have been no effects until now,” a situation that he attributed to the cleaning and maintenance plan that has been carried out so that the canals and streams are free of waste and minimize the risks of overflow.

In Araure, the mayor's office also remains deployed supervising canals, rivers and streams, an action that, as announced on Instagram, it will carry out in a continuous and preventive manner, to ensure the well-being and safety of the population, avoid flooding and act in a timely manner. in case of any eventuality.

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