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Filven arrived in Portuguesa with 8.000 copies

16 publishers meet at the Fair in the La Espiga de Acarigua vial

With 8.000 copies, the 19th International Book Fair of Venezuela (Filven) arrived in the Portuguesa state and was parked at the La Espiga de Acarigua vial with a wide exhibition and presentation of books that will be open to the public until 9:00 p.m. Friday, May 31.

At the event, inaugurated at the end of the afternoon on Wednesday the 29th, 16 national publishers meet and, under the motto Reading brings us together, a diverse literary production is made available to Portuguese people, so that from the youngest to the more adults can enjoy children's titles, history, politics and novels, among other genres.

At its stop in Portuguesa, Filven also holds talks and presentations of books by authors such as Laura Antillano, Hernando Calvo, Miguel Pérez Pirela, Gregorio Valera, Juan Calzadilla and Eva Medina, a poet and writer born in Araure who is the regional honoree of the event. , along with the Guanareño poet, chronicler and columnist Silvio Mora Ochoa.

In addition, Filven opened the Children's Area this Thursday for the exclusive attention of girls and boys. The Niño Simón Regional Foundation premiered the space with the presentation of the book Rocinante como many plums in the park.

The fair also includes a training program aimed at teaching professionals. Armando Carías, one of the national Filven honorees, participates as a facilitator of this initiative with the workshop The art of acting for a children's audience, for which two alternative spaces to the fairgrounds are enabled: the Raimundo Andueza Bolivarian School and the University National Experimental Arts Center (Unearte) Near Argimiro Gabaldón.

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