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In support of Maduro, Agua Blanca overflowed in Portuguesa

The rain did not prevent the mobilization of Chavismo

Not even the rain prevented the mobilization of Chavismo in the state of Portuguesa, which once again overflowed the streets in support of President Nicolás Maduro, this Thursday, in Agua Blanca, the capital of the municipality of the same name.

Although it did not stop raining in Portuguesa until 4:00 in the afternoon, the town of Agua Blanca and even the cane growers of the Las Majaguas Irrigation System left the different towns and hamlets of the municipality to give life to a great revolutionary march whose main slogan was “with rain and with sun, with Maduro I rest.”

The extraordinary mobilization, which started from the covered court of the Banco Obrero sector, rejected the sanctions that the North American empire maintains against Venezuela and turned the main streets of Agua Blanca into a red tide, with the accompaniment of leaders of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela ( PSUV) and even the former regional secretaries of Copei and AD, who resigned from their positions a couple of weeks ago.

“Go wash your palté”

The massive mobilization of Agua Blanca is the third carried out in a week by the PSUV and its allied forces in different areas of Portuguesa. According to Primitivo Cedeño, head of the red party in the entity, “all political activities are with people from the territory itself,” which is why he told the opponents who try to deny that reality “so they can go wash their asses.” "Look carefully, here is the machinery of women, of producers, of the Great Patriotic Pole, the UBCh, the CLAP, the organized people, the revolutionary machinery of Agua Blanca."

The socialist leader said that last week's marches were just as extraordinary in a commune in the eastern area of ​​Acarigua and in the central town of Ospino, where the coffee farmers came down from the hill and were protagonists of "the largest march in recent years." 20 years in Ospino.”

Looking ahead to the presidential elections, Cedeño did not hesitate to affirm that these mobilizations are a harbinger of what will happen on July 28, which is why he predicted “an overwhelming victory” for the Revolution and assured that “in Portuguesa we are definitely going for recovery.” history of the Chavista vote.”

In addition, he stated that “Agua Blanca will continue to be the municipality with the most votes in percentage terms in Portuguesa” in favor of the Revolution and asked all Chavista cadres to maintain mobilization, unity and organization, not to give up on political work in each territory. and advance in the formation of the 1×10.

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