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In Portuguesa there are 335 water wells rehabilitated and 15 new drillings

In two and a half years, the water service has been consolidated at 89%

With the La Fiesta del Agua Plan, 335 water wells have been rehabilitated in Portuguesa and another 15 have been drilled, according to Governor Primitivo Cedeño.

He specified that in two and a half years the service has been consolidated in 89% of the state and is currently working to reach 100%. “Much to do but there is less to go,” he said.

According to Cedeño, of the 335 wells recovered and put into operation in Portuguesa, only two are currently out of service because they are undergoing maintenance.

The regional leader announced the progress of the work being carried out in Portuguesa to improve the distribution of the vital liquid, after evaluating the execution of the Water Festival with the management team of the state hydrological company (Hidrosportuguesa).

New drillings

Cedeño announced that five wells will soon be drilled in Portuguesa to continue consolidating the drinking water service and provide a better quality of life to the inhabitants of the state.

He reported that these works will be added to 15 new underground water sources that have been drilled and equipped to optimize the supply of the town of Portuguesa, of which three will be put into operation soon: one in the municipality of San Genaro de Boconoíto, in the community Fifth Republic, and two in Araure, in the La Arboleda and Los Camellos sectors.

Communities in silence

The Governor of Portuguesa acknowledged that in the state there are still 32 communities in silence regarding water and stated that all “will be attended to between now and December 31.”

He also assured that the well in the Las Matas hamlet will soon be activated in the Guanare municipality, a rural town that according to Francisco Zambrano, head of the community, has “more than 21 years without water” and where more than 120 will benefit from the piped service. inhabitants of sectors 1 and 2.

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