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Clandestine agrochemical laboratory dismantled in Portuguesa 

During the procedure, 2.700 liters of different poisons for agricultural use were seized

In the state of Portuguesa, a laboratory that operated clandestinely and was intended for the storage and alteration of agrochemicals was dismantled.

The procedure, carried out by the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), was carried out in the Araure Industrial Zone, specifically in plot number 41, after detecting that warehouse 1C was being used for collection, handling and even mixture of poisons for agricultural use.

The official report indicates that troops assigned to the First Company of Detachment No. 312 of the GNB found and seized a batch of 2.700 liters of different toxic substances at the site, without documentation supporting the legality of its storage and handling.

In the laboratory, 1.000 liters of Ethanol, 20 liters of Butaclor 600EC, 20 liters of 2,4-D Amine, 300 liters of Penta, 200 liters of Isopropylate and 1.200 liters of Drago were found.

The case was placed at the order of the Public Ministry.

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