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Pediatric hospitalization room expanded in Acarigua-Araure hospital

The expansion will allow more than 50 beds to be added to the service

The pediatric hospitalization room of the Jesús María Casal Ramos hospital, located in Acarigua-Araure, is being expanded to incorporate more than 50 beds to the service, which currently has 36 beds and is part of the Pediatric Emergency of the main healthcare center of the northern area of ​​Portuguesa.

The work has been carried out since mid-May and, as announced by the first lady of the state, María Gabriela Gil de Cedeño, it will have three isolation areas: one for burned children, another for children with respiratory symptoms and the third for patients with hematological conditions. .

“Our boys and girls will be admitted through the Emergency and then will have a hospitalization area with adequate and dignified conditions for the care they deserve,” he stated.

The children's hospitalization room at the Acarigua-Araure hospital is part of the Pediatric Emergency, which was rehabilitated and equipped in 2023 and has triage, shock trauma, nebulization and operating rooms, as well as separate spaces for the care of children. , according to the table they present.

In Guanare they will expand the hospital's Nephrology Unit

Gil de Cedeño reported that in the coming days the expansion of the Nephrology Unit of the Miguel Oráa hospital, in Guanare, will begin in order to increase and optimize the capacity to care for patients with kidney pathology.

“The capacity of dialysis places will be doubled,” he stated, referring that the area currently has six dialysis machines and six more will be added, which will allow simultaneous treatment for 12 people with kidney failure.

Gil de Cedeño indicated that the expansion of the nephrology service at the Guanare hospital will also involve the consolidation of three new offices, a nursing area and a medical observation area, among other spaces for the assessment, treatment and control of kidney patients. .

Strengthening the Public Health System

The expansions of both hospital wards in Portuguesa are part of the actions carried out by the National and State governments to recover the infrastructure of the Public Health System and strengthen care in hospitals, popular clinics and Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDI).

With this plan, other works are underway in Portuguesa, including the construction of a new Maternity Unit in the Guanare hospital, the rehabilitation of the Villas del Pilar CDI and the La Romana popular clinic, in Araure; the reconstruction of the Hugo Chávez Maternal and Child Surgical Unit, in San Genaro de Boconoíto; and the waterproofing of the hospitals of Biscucuy, Chabasquén and Guanarito.

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