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Guanare Mayor's Office adopts “reduced and temporary hours”

The measure came into effect on Monday, May 20 to save energy

Under “reduced and temporary hours” the Mayor's Office of Guanare, in the state of Portuguesa, began to work in accordance with the Municipal Decree 009-2024 which came into effect this Monday, May 20, and seeks to contribute to energy savings.

The measure, endorsed by the local president Óscar Novoa, contemplates a new operating schedule - from 8:00 in the morning to 1:00 in the afternoon - for non-essential agencies and decentralized entities of the Mayor's Office of Guanare, "until "so long as the conditions that prevent optimal provision of electricity service do not improve."

It is also established in the Decree, dated May 15, 2024 and published on Instagram by @oscarnovoa_guanare, that lights and non-vital electrical and electronic equipment must be kept off during nights, weekends and during hours when which are not being provided. The use of music players is restricted and air conditioners may be used at a temperature of at least 22 degrees Celsius.


Essential administrative units are exempt from the schedule decreed by the Guanare Mayor's Office as part of the efficient energy use plan. This list includes the Mayor's Office, the Situational Room of 1×10 of Good Government, Civil Registry, Municipal Treasury, as well as the directorates of Public Services, Cadastre, Engineering, Planning and Budget, Human Talent and Strategic Communication, among others. who are authorized to work regular hours but complying with energy saving measures.

The municipal president reported that the objective is to contribute to "normalize the load management blocks" that are applied in the national territory, since due to the high temperatures, an unusual demand for electrical energy is generated that affects the provision of the service.

The Decree urges the authorities of the Municipal Council and the Comptroller's Office of Guanare to contribute to the implementation of similar actions and designates the Director General of the Mayor's Office as the authority responsible for enforcing the extraordinary measures for the efficient use of energy.

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