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Acarigua-Araure has a new respiratory hospitalization area

Three isolation rooms are available for the care of respiratory symptoms at the Jesús María Casal Ramos hospital.

For the care, control and treatment of patients with severe or moderate respiratory infection, the new respiratory hospitalization area of ​​the Jesús María Casal Ramos hospital, in Acarigua-Araure, Portuguesa state, came into operation.

The director of the hospital, Luis Oropeza, reported that the space is an expansion of the Internal Medicine Service and has 18 beds, each with its respective oxygen connections for the care and stabilization of respiratory symptoms.

The unit opened its doors a month ago and in addition to hospitalization, it offers patients three isolation rooms, nursing stations, as well as a waiting room for family members, equipped with their own bathrooms, a rest area for doctors and nurses. and a room for the evaluation and discussion of medical cases, “all in order to guarantee good care for our people,” he highlighted.

According to Yelitza Ortíz, the sole Health authority in Portuguesa, the area is properly air-conditioned, equipped and has highly qualified human talent, as established by the regulations that govern the care of diseases of the respiratory system.

The work is a product of the plan with which the different levels of Government recover and strengthen both the infrastructure and the care of the Public Health System in Portuguesa, especially in the Jesús María Casal Ramos hospital, the main healthcare center in the northern area of ​​Portuguesa, where, for two years, a comprehensive recovery plan has been carried out that results in the reactivation of different services, including nephrology, adult and pediatric emergency, coronary care, surgical and internal medicine hospitalization, neonatology, tomography and oncology.

Pediatric hospitalization in expansion 

At the Acarigua-Araure hospital, the pediatric hospitalization room is currently in the process of being expanded, a work that will incorporate three isolation areas into the pediatric service: one for the care of burned children, one for respiratory symptoms and another for hematological conditions.

The first lady of Portuguesa, María Gabriela Gil de Cedeño, announced that the consolidation of this new space will add 56 beds to the 36 that are currently enabled in the children's hospitalization room.

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