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44 voting centers will open in Portuguesa for electoral simulation

Voters will be able to rehearse their vote ahead of the presidential elections on July 28

In the state of Portuguesa, 44 voting centers will open this Sunday for the electoral simulation that will be carried out throughout the country, ahead of the presidential elections on July 28.

The day, organized by the National Electoral Council (CNE), will allow the operation of the automated voting system to be verified, while voters will be able to familiarize themselves with the electoral act by simply presenting their identity card.

In Páez (Acarigua), Guanare and Araure, as they are the municipalities that concentrate the largest electoral population in Portuguesa, seven, six and five voting centers will be ready for the mock voting respectively, while Guanarito, Sucre (Biscucuy), Esteller and San Genaro de Boconoíto will have three centers each, and in Agua Blanca, Ospino, San Rafael de Onoto, Unda (Chabasquén), Papelón, Turén and Santa Rosalía there will be two centers.

Where to rehearse the vote?

In the case of Guanare, the capital of Portuguesa, voters will be able to simulate voting at the Orlando Gil Casadiego and Luis Fajardo Galeno basic schools, at the Doctor Melitón Vargas Bolivarian School, at the Juan Pablo II Initial Education Center (CEI), in the Professor Orlando Barazarte National Bolivarian Educational Unit, located in the Virgen de Coromoto parish, and in the 3 de Noviembre Basic School, belonging to the San Juan de Guanaguanare parish.

In Páez (Acarigua), voters will be able to vote at the Rómulo Gallegos Bolivarian School, at the Raimundo Andueza School Group, at the Trina de Moreno and 5 de Diciembre basic schools, at the Liceo Bolivariano Bicentenario de la Independencia de Venezuela , in the Luisa Graterol de Pérez Bolivarian State Educational Unit and in the Payara Basic School, located in the Payara parish.

In the Araure municipality, the Concentrated State School No. 179 Quebrada de Araure, the General Páez, Yolanda Rivera de Pieruzzini and Monseñor Omar Ramos Cordero basic schools, as well as the Lisandro Alvarado Basic School, in the Río Acarigua parish, will be enabled for the drill. .

In Turén, you can vote at the Tiberio Graterol and La Misión basic schools; in Esteller, in the Doctor Pablo Herrera Campins National Educational Unit and in the Piritu and Antonio Rodríguez Picón basic schools; and in Santa Rosalía, in the El Playón and Turén basic schools.

In Agua Blanca, voting centers will open at the Atapaima Bolivarian School and the 250 Years State School in Agua Blanca; in San Rafael de Onoto, in the Menca de Leoni Educational Unit and in the Tejerías State School Number 166; and in Ospino, at the Ospino Agricultural Technical School (ETA) and at the La Corteza Graduate School.

In Guanarito the centers will be established in the Monseñor Unda Basic School, in the Guanarito Municipal School and in the Simón Rodríguez Bolivarian School; and in Papelón at the Ciudad de San Felipe Basic School and at the State Basic School Number 29.

In the municipality of San Genaro de Boconoíto, the State School Number 464 Barrio Lindo and the Bolivarian schools Carlos Quintero Alegría and Regina Alvarado de Pérez will open their doors to the drill; in Sucre (Biscucuy), the Guillermo Gamarra Marrero, Jaime Carzola and Víctor Ramos Valderrama basic schools; and in Unda (Chabasquén), the Ramón Parejo Gómez Combined Cycle and the Concentrated State School Number 290.

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