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290 water wells have been activated in Portuguesa

In the region, 700 wells have been intervened with the Water Festival

With the La Fiesta del Agua plan, a recently drilled well was put into operation in Portuguesa in the Santa María community, in Guanare, raising the activated underground water sources in the Llanera entity to 290.

“Today we are sending more than 6 and a half million liters of water per day to the Santa María network,” reported Governor Primitivo Cedeño, during the inauguration of the work, which is 107 meters deep and has the capacity to pump 35 liters. of water per second.

He indicated that the well is the second that has been drilled and activated in the community to guarantee supply to more than 15.000 people who, grouped in 4.000 families, live in Santa María, one of the largest and oldest neighborhoods of Guanare, with 53 years of foundation.

700 wells intervened in Portuguesa

The regional leader announced that with the activation of the new Santa María well “we reached the milestone of 700 interventions in the Portuguesa well system,” through a work plan that includes drilling, repairs, rehabilitation and comprehensive maintenance.

He attributed this achievement to the teamwork of the national, regional and municipal governments and stated that in this way the Water Festival is positioned as “the most powerful and effective water program in the country.”

According to Cedeño, of the 700 wells intervened in Portuguesa, 290 were reactivated “practically from scratch”, after eight, 12 and up to 14 years out of service.

“Guanare is a demonstration of what we have done in water,” he highlighted, referring that both the city and the capital municipality of Portuguesa had a poor distribution system and now have a 100% operational network.

More than 15 years of water scarcity left behind

For the inhabitants of Santa María, with the drilling and activation of two wells in the area, “more than 15 years of water problems in the community” are behind them, declared Yaneth Ochoa, neighbor and community leader.

He recalled that the sector suffered for more than a decade from a shortage of piped water, because “we had a well that had already reached its useful life,” which is why he did not hesitate to assure that with both works “the revolution is immortalized.” in this neighborhood".

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