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Venezuela participates in the XVI UN Conference of Creative Cities

Caracas began the Integration Segment of the new cities joining the network, in which it showed its musical wealth and the projects being promoted

A Venezuelan delegation participates in the XVI Annual Conference of the Creative Cities Network of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), installed this Monday by the Secretariat of this international organization and the Braga City Council , Portugal.

The central motto of the conference focuses on celebrating “20 years of the Network: incorporating young people to the debate table for the next decade”, with an emphasis on harnessing the power of culture and creativity to build cities that from their diversity are resilient and dynamic, notes a note from Chancellery.

In this sense, the event places special emphasis on involving youth in the challenges of the present and the configuration of the future.

Caracas among creative cities

Photo: National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO

Caracas had the honor of starting the Integration Segment of the new cities joining the network, in which its musical wealth was shown, as well as the projects that are currently being promoted locally as part of its commitments in this organization.

The presentation was given by V/A María Elisa Domínguez Velasco, Secretary of Culture, Recreation and Sports of the Mayor's Office of the Libertador Municipality of Caracas and Focal Point before the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, who highlighted in her words the “Toromaima”, the first known settlers of the territory that today occupies the Bolivarian Libertador Municipality.

As will be remembered, the capital was officially recognized as a Creative City in the field of music in November of 2023, after the Mayor's Office of Caracas submitted a detailed report to UNESCO on the musical benefits of the city, highlighting the space of creative cultural dynamics within the city.

The Venezuelan delegation also had the presence of the Venezuelan ambassador to Portugal, Mary Flores; the secretary general of the Venezuelan National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO, Ana Karina Hernández and the person in charge of culture in this office, Yahiriana Moros.

In its participation, the Venezuelan delegation highlighted that, despite the unilateral coercive measures that affect the people, culture has priority attention from the Bolivarian Government, an example of which is the Great Mission Viva Venezuela Mi Patria Querida, which incorporates eight vertices of action aimed at empowering and organizing national cultists.

Finally, to close the day, a promotional video of the city was shown with images of the traditional festivals that exalt the Venezuelan name.

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