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Venezuela demands that unilateral coercive measures be lifted

Foreign Minister Yván Gil proposed that the negative impact of these attacks in the area of ​​trade and development of the affected countries be studied.

Venezuela urged the United Nations this Thursday to monitor the imposition of unilateral economic measures as a means of political and economic coercion.

This was stated by Foreign Minister Yván Gil during his speech at the 89th plenary session of the 78th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, in New York.

In this sense, Gil proposed that in addition to monitoring the imposition of these measures, their negative impact in the area of ​​trade and development on the affected countries should also be studied. 

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister asked responsible members of the international community “to prevent this reality from being minimized or ignored, even in the context of the intergovernmental processes underway in the United Nations.”

He highlighted that the “illegal measures, which are now much more cruel and destructive. “They use the pain and suffering of entire peoples to advance interventionist and destabilization agendas.” Furthermore, he stressed, “we must say it clearly, they endanger the life and well-being of the peoples subject to them.”

“If we are truly committed to honoring our promise to leave no one behind, the time has come for us all to address the issue of unilateral coercive measures comprehensively and effectively in the interest of the well-being of us, the people of the United Nations. ", he stated, while asking States to refrain from "promulgating, recognizing and/or applying" these policies to "force the sovereign will" of nations.

Gil reiterated the importance of lifting sanctions to achieve the country's development.

“Countries could develop their productive capacities, we have the task of building that world of peace, it is our responsibility for future generations. Given the persistence of coercive measures and their consequences, we express our commitment to a multilateral system, and determination to explore ways and means to be independent in accordance with international law. “We are here to identify ways and means to address the effect of unilateral measures, seek a safe zone to trade and guarantee the development of our people,” he said.

Likewise, Gil urged UN member countries to present a report with their conclusions to monitor the imposition of unilateral measures and study the effects and impacts, as well as urging them to prevent this reality from being minimized in intergovernmental contexts. The time has come to address the issue comprehensively. Likewise, he called on States to refrain from recognizing and applying the measures as a political means, in order to exert pressure on governments.

"We call on international organizations to refrain from supporting or complying with these unilateral measures. We also reiterate our commitment to preserve and defend the charter of the United Nations, for which we demand that any unilateral measures that may exist in the world today be lifted," he said.

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