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Venezuela denounces attempted dispossession of Citgo at the UN

Foreign Minister Yván Gil revealed that the company is at imminent risk of being auctioned for the benefit of American and Canadian corporations

The Chancellor of the Republic, Yván Gil, denounced this Thursday before the United Nations the attempt to illegally strip Venezuela of the company Citgo Petroleum Corporation, the indisputable and sovereign heritage of the Venezuelan people.

At the 89th plenary session of the 78th UN session, Gil explained that Citgo is at imminent risk of being auctioned for the benefit of American and Canadian corporations.

He explained that Venezuela runs this risk due to a legal war or law fare operation by a Delaware court, with the support of fictitious entities, which are only recognized by Washington, as supposed Venezuelan representatives.

And it is for that reason - he explained - “the American delegation disassociated itself from the overwhelming election of Venezuela as vice president of this General Assembly.”

He indicated that "they intend to perpetuate a farce to, with the support of their local agents, continue looting assets in Venezuela and beyond."

Gil highlighted that Citgo is Venezuela's main asset in the United States, owned by PDVSA, a state oil company blocked since 2019, and constitutes the seventh oil refining company in the US market.

Impact on the region

The chancellor referred to the impact of the sanctions on the regional and global economy and development.

In this sense, he referred to the effect of the aggression on the Petrocaribe program, “only with the intention of causing damage and limiting the development of dozens of countries that participate in that program.”

He said that, to evade their responsibility for the crimes committed, the financial executioners who impose the Unilateral Coercive Measures try to excuse themselves by issuing the well-known licenses.

Economic neocolonization mechanism

In this regard, he stated that these licenses “are actually a valve for administering collective punishment. “A mechanism of economic neocolonization, which establishes conditionalities for the aggressor states, and which adjusts to the political and economic interests of private corporations and the government of the aggressor state.”

"These are - he stated - licenses to dominate and manage pain, to deepen and extend the time of the structural lapses of economic and financial dependence, already supported by an unjust system, and designed to suit the interests of the North to bend the sovereignty and determination of the people.”

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