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More than 500 community projects completed

The president celebrated the success of the 2024 National Popular Consultation, which has materialized a large number of the projects presented by the people.

In his program on the Tik Tok social network, President Nicolás Maduro celebrated the success of the National Popular Consultation 2024, which has materialized just over half of the Community Councils' projects, derived from this electoral process.

“I assumed the commitment that the projects approved by the people will be fulfilled 100%,” said President Maduro, while the Minister of Communes, Ángel Vargas, who was invited to the space, confirmed that the number of projects completed exceeds 500.

President Maduro recalled that he called general elections on August 25 so that the 4500 communal circuits could choose their new process in communal democracy.

“After 28-J to celebrate in peace, in democracy… and then to work for the communal elections in August,” said the head of state.

For his part, the Minister of Communes Ángel Vargas said that there are “1.300.000 spokespersons who are born leaders, who are executing projects and preparing for the next popular consultation.”

He added that the production of the Community Councils of the next harvest goes to Cumanacoa to help its population overcome the current difficulty, caused by the impact of Hurricane Beryl.

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