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TSJ declares it appropriate to request Spain to extradite a man for fraud in “La Plataforma”

The Criminal Cassation Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) in a presentation by the President of the Highest Court, Magistrate Maikel Moreno, declared the request for active extradition of the citizen of Spanish nationality Ángel Javier Martínez Higueras, to be subjected to a criminal process in Venezuela for the alleged commission of the crimes of continued fraud, foreseen and sanctioned in article 462 in relation to articles 88 and 99 both of the Penal Code, and association, typified and sanctioned in article 37 of the Organic Law against Organized Crime and Financing Terrorism.

This is indicated by the ruling No. 191-2019 of the aforementioned Chamber of the Highest Court, which also indicates that the firm commitment is assumed before the Kingdom of Spain that Ángel Martínez Higueras, will be judged solely for his alleged participation in the commission of the aforementioned crimes, with the due guarantees enshrined in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The Criminal Cassation Chamber of the High Court found that in the present case, in addition to the requirements of origin, the general principles governing the matter of extradition in Venezuela are also fully complied with, reports a press release from the TSJ.

This case began with a complaint filed by a citizen, representing two mercantile companies, against several people, including Ángel Javier Martínez Higueras, after the complainant was contacted to offer him an international investment proposal with a group of national companies. and international, which belong to a figure known as "La Plataforma", and which according to the complaining party resulted in a scam that caused serious financial damage to the victims. He referred VTV.

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