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Tania Díaz: Western elites seek to distort Bolivarian thought

“Bolívar is in the Street” campaign underway

The vice-rector of the International University of Communications (Lauicom), deputy Tania Díaz, assured that the “Bolívar is in the Street” campaign emerges as an important bastion in defense of our Liberator Simón Bolívar and his legacy, against the threats of the Western elites to distort - through digital networks - Bolivarian thought before new generations.

During an event in Plaza Bolívar in Caracas, the deputy was emphatic in stating that the right has digital networks, while the Revolution manifests itself with social networks.

“A great humanist difference that we must put into practice not only to defend the current thought of Bolívar but also to confront the lies of those who hide the truth of Venezuela,” he explained.

In that sense, he indicated that 30 institutions that study the thought, work and legacy of the Liberator such as the Bolivarian Society of Venezuela, the Center for Decolonization, the Bolivarian Society of Caracas, the National Center for Historical Studies, the Simón Bolívar Study Center, the soul mater Lauicom and the doctrine center of the Liberator Simón Bolívar of the Fanb, among other entities with the endorsement of the Minister of University Education Sandra Oblitas, have joined together in favor of this campaign.

“Because they intend to distort the Father Liberator in a grotesque and rude way, something that the Bolivarian people will not allow,” Díaz emphasized, while ensuring that the union will revolve around the defense of freedom.

"We are going to do a traveling lecture from this moment on in these institutes, in the universities, schools and high schools to talk about the validity of the thought of the Liberator Simón Bolívar in the face of the battle for independence that we are currently fighting," he said. .

The parliamentarian assured that this battle must be fought in several scenarios "because the use of digital networks and media used by the elites against the people of Venezuela, intend to poorly portray Bolívar's image and mold it to their style."

He stated that surnames removed the figure of Bolívar from the National Assembly because they could not handle his moral weight.

“Now they are trying to rescue their image until July 28 to become president. We are not going to allow it, here is a brave people determined to defend, with the Bolívar flag, our territory, its identity, sovereignty and we will do that together with Nicolás Maduro in the presidential elections,” he stated.

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