Russia will continue to support the legitimate authorities of Venezuela

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The director of the Latin America Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexandr Schetinin, confirmed that Russia will continue to give political support to all the legitimate authorities of Venezuela.

Through the social network Twitter of the Russian department reported: "The Director of the Department of Latin America of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexandr #Schetinin: #Rusia will continue to provide political support to the legitimate authorities of #Venezuela in a spirit of strategic partnership."

He stressed that the parliamentary elections of last December 6 were carried out with the effort of the Venezuelan authorities "to organize them in accordance with the highest standards of transparency, democracy, and health and epidemiological security," Schetinin said in an interview with Sputnik, cited by AVN.

The diplomat added: “A wide range of Venezuelan opposition parties participated in the elections. This suggests that the renewed National Assembly will become a representative platform for a constructive dialogue of all the political forces to face the challenges facing the country, as well as to overcome the differences that exist within the framework of the peace negotiation process. in Venezuelan society ”, he emphasized.