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Rodríguez stressed that surnames ask for a vote “and they stole Citgo”

Popular Power in Cojedes marched in support of Nicolás Maduro

The Popular Power organized together with the revolutionary forces of the parties of the Great Patriotic Pole “Simón Bolívar” in the state of Cojedes, marched this Wednesday to express their support for the candidate Nicolás Maduro, they also rejected the coercive measures imposed by the United States on Venezuela.

The massive march culminated with a rally in Los Samanes, San Carlos, led by the Vice President of the Republic and coordinator of the 7T and International Relations, Delcy Rodríguez, and the national political liaison of the Psuv for Cojedes, Iris Varela, the Minister of Education University student and godmother of Cojedes, Sandra Oblitas, the Minister of Communes and Social Movements, Ángel Prado and popular power.

Rodríguez emphasized that, this July 28, not just anything is at stake, “at stake is the possibility that the organized people of Venezuela continue to be political power, because what is at risk is independence, self-determination and sovereignty, it is the People Power,” he said.

He recalled that one of the characteristics of Commander Hugo Chávez and President Nicolás Maduro is that they have governed with the people, “let the people of Venezuela govern, let the Communes, the communal councils, the organized women, the workers govern. "Let social movements be that great backbone of power in Venezuela that shapes and decides our destiny," stressed the vice president of the Republic.

"And that's why we say it's not just any election, we're putting our country at risk, because those who want to take power from the people of Venezuela all they want is to give them away, hand them over, steal resources from Venezuela to give them to their masters in the north," Rodríguez highlighted during the concentration.

He stressed that those with surnames stole Citgo and handed it over to the United States, “who today are shamelessly pretending to ask Venezuelans to vote, after they asked for a blockade,” he stressed.

Rodríguez also highlighted the importance of the electoral 1x10x7, considering it a powerful machinery of the Psuv, “to add to that powerful social column, the community forces of the Clap, of the social movements when we add them, because that electoral machinery is also revolutionary machinery, because it becomes the steel shield, which will make it impossible for those patarucos to dare to take political power away from the Venezuelan people,” he said.

Finally, he highlighted that July 28 will be the great historical trench of defense of Venezuela and political power.

For her part, Iris Varela said during her participation that in the midst of the circumstances that have been overcome, "here the people have been growing, the people maintain intact confidence in their revolution, they trust and believe in the Bolivarian revolution because they know to Nicolás Maduro and knows that he will never fail us,” he said.

He stressed that the people of Cojeda will never abandon the revolution “because what we have here is a brave and restored people, and let the patarucos know it, because behind those patarucos is the empire,” Varela highlighted.

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