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Rodríguez: “There is a reason the US wants open channels with the government”

He reiterated that US officials have been seeking dialogue for two months and Venezuela has accepted.

The national coordinator of the Venezuela Nuestra del Siglo XXI Campaign Command, Jorge Rodríguez, who is also the representative assigned for dialogue with the United States government, said this Monday that the Washington government “will have its reasons” to seek rapprochement with the government of President Nicolás Maduro.

During statements offered to journalist Madelein García, and which she published on her X social network account, Rodríguez maintained that the Biden administration's insistence on recovering dialogue with Caracas has a clear reading.

“We would have to ask them (the US) what their intentions were for having sought us out for two consecutive months to talk to us,” he said, highlighting that the national government agreed to talk again with US officials, due to the insistence shown by the US government. Washington.

Rodríguez believes that the “initial approach that they (the US) have is to keep the channels open, and they are keeping it open for a reason.”

In the first meeting held, after the pause following the reimposition of sanctions on the Venezuelan economy by the US, it was agreed to work to "gain trust" and maintain communications "in a respectful and constructive manner."

In this first meeting, the parties expressed their willingness to work together to “improve relations” between nations.

Jorge Rodríguez rejected the misrepresentations that spokespeople of the North American Government have repeatedly published regarding this dialogue. “We warn that we will always respond with the truth,” he said then.

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