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Rodríguez reveals opposition plan to boycott the electoral process

He assured that everything is being developed from the Argentine embassy established in Venezuela, violating diplomatic principles.

Jorge Rodríguez, campaign manager of the Venezuela Nuestra National Command of candidate Nicolás Maduro, denounced the plan that the extreme right is developing to "sing fraud" after the electoral process on July 28 as well as the planning of criminal acts from within the embassy of Argentina in Venezuela.

Rodríguez accused Magally Meda and Humberto Villalobos as the ringleaders in charge of the plan that is being developed from the Argentine embassy stationed in Venezuela, “thus violating the conventions and precepts of international diplomacy related to the right to asylum, which Venezuela respects unrestrictedly. “We are decent people,” he stressed.

He explained that the plan consists of placing motorized vehicles in voting centers “where they have the greatest electoral flow”, which they call “legionnaires and deltas” and attacking the members of the Republic Plan to generate chaos and violence in their own voting centers. where they have a majority, before and during the elections and boycott the electoral event.

“These motorists are going to demand that the victory of some of the patarucos be recognized, but victories are victories when votes are won by vote,” Rodríguez said.

Rodríguez assured that Magally Meda, sheltered in the Argentine embassy along with Humberto Villalobos, is in charge of the operation, "the papers, which we have in our custody," he assured.

“These international principles are being violated if criminal acts against Venezuela are being planned and carried out from an embassy in another country,” Rodríguez denounced.

It should be noted that Magally Meda belongs to María Corina Machado's political strategy team and Humberto Villalobos is electoral coordinator of the Vente Venezuela party.

Rodríguez announced that the Executive could summon the country's diplomatic representatives and assured that it will provide evidence to international electoral observers of the alleged conspiratorial plans.

Rodríguez recalled that the extreme right has repeatedly claimed fraud in recent elections and that is why it incites acts of violence and insists on electoral fraud.

He assured that the extreme right wants the major international media to accompany them in their thesis of fraud. “They are going to say that the only result they will accept is that fascism won the elections,” he said.

“The Venezuelan people can rest assured. We are going to dismantle those plans surgically, vote by vote. Candidate Maduro already said it, to vote and take to the streets, to celebrate because we are going to defeat them with votes,” he said. “We are building the most powerful electoral machinery to achieve our immense victory and to defend the votes of Venezuelans, as well as to defend the results of the electoral process on July 28,” he added.

The defeat of the opposition

Jorge Rodríguez assures that only extremist sectors can think that there will be fraud before the electoral process. “Why are they singing fraud so early? Because they already know that on July 28 they are defeated,” he stated. “They already know it and they discuss it in their internal circles and furthermore this sector of extremism that does not believe in peaceful constitutional electoral solutions has never had a plan that is far beyond electoral and they do not go out to tour the country like our candidate does. , Nicolás Maduro, receiving a fervent demonstration of love,” he expressed.

They do not present the proposals to the Venezuelan people, they do not have plans or slogans, "they do not dare to tell them their true plans, such as privatizing education and health, as well as giving the oil to the gringos, to Exxon Mobil," he said.

Jorge Rodríguez presented photographs of the acts of vandalism carried out by the opposition.

He asserted that the opposition is only dedicated to preparing a structure to generate violence, sabotage and are committing criminal and barbaric acts and made reference to the complaint made by the Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, about the acts of vandalism against the Angostura bridge in the Bolivar state.

“Mrs. Magally Meda, how many deaths would this action cost, Mrs. Machado, how many deaths would occur if the bridge collapsed. They don't care about people's lives and even less about the popular sectors, remember that they burned them alive in the guarimbas and cut their throats on motorized vehicles. They have no electoral plans or machinery, only criminals ready for sabotage and criminal action,” she said.

“It seems that they need to see the people suffering,” said Rodríguez after presenting several photographs of acts of vandalism carried out by the guarimbas.

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