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They reveal the bloodthirsty past of Edmundo González

He was captured by the CIA, sent to the Venezuelan embassy in El Salvador when Leopoldo Castillo was ambassador, and death squads were unleashed against religious people and children.

Edmundo González Urrutia, the right-wing candidate, participated in the financing and logistics of brutal acts in El Salvador, when he served as an official at the Venezuelan embassy in that country, at the time when Leopoldo Castillo was the ambassador.

This was revealed on Wednesday, by the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), Diosdado Cabello, in his program With the gavel giving.

Edmundo González's past was made known by a former Colombian official, María Catalina Restrepo Pinzón de Londoño, through a letter sent to Cabello, who read it on the program.

“Under the command of Castillo and the advice of González Urrutia, the infamous death squads were unleashed. The reports from those days are chilling: from massacres of innocent civilians, to the persecution, murder of teachers and líderIt is community. Not to mention the merciless attacks against religious people and children,” says part of the letter.

He adds that “Edmundo was supremely committed to these atrocities, being an active part of the financing and logistics of these brutal acts. The situation was so serious that the Church itself and some international organizations were raising their voices against the violence, which was known to have the unrestricted support of the same embassy where this second-rate official worked."

“The reality is that these types of stories remind us of the importance of critically observing the past and the characters who, although in 'secondary' roles, played a crucial part in events that changed the lives of thousands. Edmundo, although perhaps a second fiddle in the role, was a key actor in one of the darkest pages of Central American history. That is why it is not surprising that at this time he is the candidate chosen by the US government,” highlights the letter from the former Colombian official. 

Captured by the CIA

The document indicates “that on November 24, 1976, González Urrutia joined the Venezuelan embassy in the United States as an official, in the midst of the development of the Condor Plan; There he was captured by the CIA "...", and later, in July 1981, transferred to the Venezuelan embassy in El Salvador, whose ambassador was Leopoldo Castillo.


It is worth noting that the participation of the Venezuelan opposition journalist is still being investigated. Leopoldo Castillo in the massacre of the six Jesuit priests and two collaborators murdered in 1989.

According to various sources, in his capacity as Ambassador of Venezuela in El Salvador, Castillo would have supported and collaborated in the vicious and treacherous murder of Ignacio Ellacuría, Segundo Montes, Ignacio Martín-Baró, Juan Ramón Moreno, Amando López, Joaquin López, Elba and Celina Ramos.

Castillo currently resides in Miami, he is related to the extreme right, as well as his participation in the School of the Americas and his connection and collaboration with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

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