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They reinforce the 1x10x7 machinery in the Delta

Deltans continue to be mobilized and preparing for 28J, together with the General Coordinator of the Venezuela Nuestra Campaign Command. The head of the Campaign Command Jorge Rodríguez urged those present to fine-tune the 1x10 machinery to consolidate the vote in favor of President Nicolás Maduro this coming 28J.

The Deltans reviewed this Thursday the application of the now 1x10x7 to adapt the electoral and social care context that seeks closer proximity to the towns and communities of Delta Amacuro, reiterated the governor of the entity, Lizeta Hernández.

A crowd of people mobilized once again in Delta Amacuro, this time to check the existing bases in the entity for the activation of 1x10x7 for direct and rapid attention to realities. 

The governor of Delta Amacuro, Lizeta Hernández, urged the militancy to be alert and maintain closeness in the communities to “convince and win.” 

Jorge Rodríguez: Maduro is the pilgrim of peace

Jorge Rodríguez, head of the Venezuela Our 21st Century Campaign Command, addressed the population who gathered to express their support for President Nicolás Maduro.

“I salute the people who let themselves loose through the pipes of this untamed territory to always defend it from any empire throughout its libertarian history. Here we are those of us who love the Homeland, those of us who feel free and independent, those of us who do not kneel before any empire, here we are those of us who have faith in the future of well-being and prosperity that lies ahead of us.

“We have had a hard time, they threw everything at us and we resisted and we overcame and defeated the violent, we defeated those who brought sanctions, those who came to try to divide us. We imposed peace and after those pains that tried to inflict upon us and eliminate the future, we are now better prepared,” he said.

Next, Rodríguez addressed a few words dedicated to the solidarity and work of President Nicolás Maduro. “I want to talk to you about a pilgrim of peace, a man loyal to the word of our Commander Hugo Chávez, a man who has been loyal to his people, who has always been at their side, while they were in their mansions that they bought with They stole the money from the people of Venezuela, with the real money of Citgo and Monómeros, the gold of England, because these sanctions represent a business for them, money that could have been invested in social protection for the people, in schools, hospitals, but They stole them to become millionaires.

“But Maduro was always at the side of his people,” he said and the people turned to cheering slogans in favor of Nicolás Maduro.

He warned that the same opposition that dedicated itself to asking for sanctions, the same ones that asked for invasions against Venezuela, those who dedicated themselves to negotiating with the people's money, have already closed negotiations with imperialism to hand over Guayana Esequiba in case of achieving power. in the presidential elections.

“They themselves, shamelessly, are so barbaric that they come to ask for your vote. We are never going to allow a Venezuelan territory to be stolen and handed over to the gringos, those who have already signed the delivery of Guayana Esequiba are dedicated to asking for your vote. We are not masochists or idiots, he declared. Are you going to vote for those patarucos or for our gallo pinto? “

Finally, he warned that this opposition comes with the “song” of fraud, which is why he urged those present to fine-tune the 1×10 machinery to consolidate the vote in favor of President Nicolás Maduro this coming 28J.

Support of the people: I'm going to my gallo pinto

César Escalada from the Volcán community, said that together with his family they have already structured their 1x10x7 to guarantee, on the one hand, mobilization and, on the other, direct attention to their needs.

“My family and I are already attentive and above all ready to support in any way,” said Escalada.

It is the eighth mobilization of the Deltans in a month in support of President Nicolás Maduro, where they have expressed their rejection of the sanctions, but the people have demonstrated their resistance and organization in the face of this situation with the 1x10x7.

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