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They hold the first National Meeting of Communal Peace Justice

In the activity organized by the Supreme Court of Justice, they highlighted popular participation in conflict resolution

El Supreme justice court (TSJ) in coordination with the Popular Power organized the 1st National Meeting of Communal Peace Justice, an activity through which the judicial system is strengthened with the support of organized communities.

The president of the TSJ, Caryslia Beatriz Rodríguez Rodríguez, led this meeting held in the Main Auditorium of the High Court, where she expressed her gratitude and recognition to the Popular Power and the social movements for their work, AVN reported.

The Highest Authority of the TSJ stressed that the fundamental objective of this event is to provide the necessary tools to materialize the authentic participation of the organized community as a fundamental pillar of Popular Power.

He emphasized that communal peace justice must be based on guiding principles such as popular protagonism, autonomy, social and gender equality, respect for cultural diversity, serenity, impartiality, gratuity, the guarantee of the right to defense and due process.

These pillars are essential for the construction of a democratic, social State, of rights and justice, as established by the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, says TSJ review.

Current and relevant Communal Peace

During the Meeting, the second vice president of the TSJ, Tania D'Amelio Cardier, presented a historical overview of the Communal Justice of Peace through the centuries, and highlighted its fundamental role during the fight for independence and its subsequent consolidation in the framework of the Republic.

He reaffirmed the validity and relevance of this model as a tool for the peaceful resolution of conflicts in Venezuelan communities and in this sense, highlighted its preventive and conciliatory approach, based on dialogue and mutual understanding, as an effective alternative to traditional judicial processes. .

In this sense, the Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Guy Vernáez, highlighted that the Communal Peace Justice Committees represent a transcendental step on the path to the consolidation of Popular Power as an active protagonist in the construction of a more just and fair Venezuela. equitable.

“More than a million spokespersons from popular organizations have begun to work on the construction of Communal Justice of Peace Committees,” he said.

For her part, the representative to the National Assembly Blanca Eekhout reaffirmed that Venezuela lives in participatory and leading democracy and expressed: “Venezuela will continue to teach lessons that it is possible to live in true democracy, in revolutionary democracy, in participatory and leading democracy, democracy popular".


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