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They reaffirm commitment to defend sovereignty

They will work to strengthen the economy and leading democracy

The “Casa Futuro” Cultural and Training Center in Dos Caminos, Miranda state, was the scene of the discussion “Importance of Communication in the Defense of the Sovereignty of the Human Rights of the Venezuelan People.”

At this event, prominent human rights defenders in the country expressed their firm commitment to the defense of sovereignty, institutions and popular power, according to a press release from the Future Movement.

The activity included the participation of Camila Fabri de Saab, defender of Human Rights and the truth of Venezuela; Orlando Camacho, deputy of the National Assembly and president of Fedeindustria, Leila Tajeldine, lawyer, political analyst and expert in Human Rights, as well as Roigar López, member of the Free Alex Saab Movement.

In this context, Camila Fabri from Saab stated: “We express once again our firm commitment to continue supporting the management of President Nicolás Maduro and defend the homeland.”

He assured that President Nicolás Maduro “is the one who represents us in this fight, so we are pleased to have him as a candidate. Once again, we express our firm commitment to supporting his management and protecting Venezuela, joining the Future Movement, whose values ​​we fully identify with. We are all committed to working for a Venezuela, where leading democracy and a prosperous economy are strengthened.

Likewise, Fabri de Saab highlighted: “We seek to make the dreams of the majority of Venezuelans of building a better future come true. Let's keep winning, let's go for more."

During the conversation, topics of vital importance for the defense of Venezuelan sovereignty were addressed, such as: The role of social networks and independent communication groups, the leadership of women in the defense of the Human Rights of the Venezuelan people, the role of social movements in the world and the political motivations behind the violation of the Human Rights of Venezuelans.

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