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Prosecution against Alex Saab is unfair, illegal and unsustainable

José António dos Reis, former minister of the Movement for Democracy (MPD), founder of that party and close to the current government, harshly criticized Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva and the judicial authorities of Cape Verde for the illegal detention and kidnapping of the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab for more than a year.

In his article titled "The State of Cape Verde between ambiguity and schizophrenia", published in the digital newspaper Santiago Magazine, the columnist described the judicial process as "unfair, illegal and unsustainable", highlighting the illegalities committed by the Cape Verdean Judicial Police to arrest the Special Envoy of Caracas.

Likewise, Dos Reis accused the Government of the African nation of openly positioning itself in favor of the interests of the United States with the sole purpose of overthrowing the Venezuelan government, drawing attention to the human rights violations against Alex Saab from the moment of his arrest. on June 12, 2020.

It declared as unacceptable the failure, by the State of Cape Verde, of the judicial decision of the ECOWAS Court of Justice (ECOWAS) and the recommendation of the United Nations Human Rights Committee, both in favor of the suspension of the extradition process to the United States and immediate release of Alex Saab.

In his article, he exposed the vague and unsustainable accusations made by the United States for ordering the arrest of the Venezuelan diplomat, and which, in the writer's opinion, have no legal basis to be ratified in court. Regarding this, Dos Reis asks himself the following questions:

· How did the US authorities and the Florida District Court find out about Alex Saab's presence in our country so that they could, in due time, issue the arrest request?

· Why did they have access to information that the person sought was in Cape Verde, given that the man never left the aircraft in which he was traveling, much less crossed our border?

· Who informed and instructed Cape Verde to commit such a feat at 21:30 p.m. on June 12, entering a non-commercial plane, without a warrant, to arrest a person, on a special mission of a State with the that Cape Verde has diplomatic relations?

· Was it through the US intelligence and intelligence services that were monitoring the plane from Venezuela to Cape Verde?

· What is the counterpart in Cape Verde that exchanges information with the US intelligence and intelligence services? What is this entity? Who will be able to investigate this so that public opinion is maintained and enlightened?

These are some of the questions that José António dos Reis raises in his article and that still remain unanswered by the Cape Verdean authorities who have held the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab kidnapped for a year.

Dan Kovalik: Alex Saab case exposes the illegality of the US

Dan Kovalik, lawyer, human rights activist and pacifist, asserted that “history is very important because Alex Saab exposes the illegality of the United States. The United States is putting pressure on Cape Verde to arrest, detain and extradite Alex Saab for the crime of helping Venezuela overcome sanctions that are in themselves illegal ”.

The also American writer again denounced the persecution of the Venezuelan diplomat for the only "crime" of doing humanitarian work for Venezuela. "And that is why the world has to know about this, they have to be aware and they have to move to change the policy of the United States," he said.

Regarding the media coverage of the illegal detention and subsequent kidnapping of the Special Envoy of the Republic of Venezuela, Kovalik criticized the fact that the Western media "have mysteries that distort what they were doing and the propaganda works."

In that sense, Kovalik, who arrived in Venezuela in the framework of the Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples of the World, pointed out that “we are here to try to explain what Alex Saab was doing, how he was helping Venezuela in the tough phase of the sanctions to to get food, to obtain fuel and that is why he is being punished, but the media are not covering that, "he denounced.

He considered that “the United States will continue to wage an economic war in the form of sanctions against countries like Venezuela to try to overthrow their governments. However, what I see are countries like Venezuela, Nicaragua, Iran, Syria, North Korea, joining with other parts of the world like Russia and China to overcome these sanctions ”.