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President Maduro broadcast on Tik Tok “to defeat censorship”

The head of state had Miguel Ángel Pérez Pirela as a guest, with whom he analyzed current issues.

President Nicolás Maduro broadcast live this Sunday from his account on the social network Tik Tok, where he had the philosopher and communicator Miguel Ángel Pérez Pirela as a special guest, with whom he spoke about current issues.

As a critical issue, he expressed his solidarity with the Iranian people, after the accident suffered by the helicopter carrying the president of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, who had to make an emergency landing and has been missing for many hours.

“Let's hope, with God's favor, that everything turns out well. “We express our solidarity with the brother president of Iran Ebrahim Raisi and all those who were traveling on board,” said President Maduro.

“We hope that in the next few hours we will have good news,” he said, celebrating the solidarity of neighboring countries that are collaborating with the search and rescue efforts.

Moving on to another topic, together with his guest he analyzed the power of social networks today, which are the ones that manage the monopoly of the imposition of ways of thinking in today's world.

“All the personal information that they accumulate when you give a like, they sell to transnational companies so that they can market their products,” said Pérez Pirela.

“Are they listening to us or not listening to us?” President Maduro asked himself after telling an anecdote in which messages appear that coincide with topics he talks about on the phone. His guest replied: “they even see us.”

Pérez Pirela said that there is no democracy in these media, something that is demonstrated in the current electoral contest, where "there are candidates that no one sees, but who appear all the time on the networks and there are 'banned' (censored) candidates like you." , he told President Maduro.

Democratize social networks

The president asked to democratize social networks, which he said are hijacked by economic interests contrary to the Bolivarian revolution. “We must fight to show the truth of a people that wants freedom, that wants democracy,” he said.

“Let's take this debate to the streets, to the family. “Let social networks be at the service of reality, of life, of family,” he said, reflecting that all the popular mobilizations that support him have been censored by social networks.

“You record your video, take your photo, send it to all the WhatsApp groups, and then to the networks,” the president recommended.

“From the streets to the networks, from the networks to the media, from the media to the walls and from there to the radiobemba, no one can with that. With the radiobemba we knocked down old man Carmona, who was one of the perverse old men that they (the right) put in,” he commented.

Success of the Viva Venezuela Festival

The national leader congratulated the organization of the first stage of the Viva Venezuela Festival, which was held in the central area of ​​the country in the states of Miranda, La Guaira and Caracas. He said that the festival is one of the strongest cornerstones of the Great Mission Viva Venezuela, Mi Patria Querida.

The president said he was surprised by the quality of the artists who performed during these days, and highlighted the presentation of the lyrical singer Jesús Sevillano, who performed at the closing of this festival.

In this sense, he issued a challenge to the Venezuelan youth: “a retro challenge: sing the songs of Jesús Sevillano... in schools, in high schools,” said the head of state.

Milei does not know that he is the president of Argentina

President Maduro described as impudence the new action of his Argentine counterpart Javier Milei, of going to Spain to participate in an extreme right-wing event and insulting the wife of the Spanish Head of Government, Pedro Sánchez.

“Go to a country to insult the president's wife? She is a shame, a shamelessness, a madness. I believe that Milei still does not know that he is president,” she said, referring to the fact that the politician does not behave up to the level of his investiture and compromises an entire country.

“What would Milei do if a president went to Argentina and publicly insulted him, insulted him and whatever he had as a partner, his girlfriend, his dog?” the head of state asked himself while ensuring that no one in his right mind would allow such thing.

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