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President Maduro premiered radio space “With Maduro De Repente”

In the program, the head of state signed the decree creating the Ministry of Popular Power for the Elderly.

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, launched this Thursday a radio space called “Con Maduro De Repente”, a program that will have a traveling presence and will have simultaneous connection with social networks, to comply with the strategy “Streets, networks, media and walls.”

The head of state announced in the program that he is on alert regarding the situation at the beginning of the rainy season, after the arrival of the second tropical wave in the country. “I have been informed, in real time, that there are floods in Petare,” said the national leader, while Vice President Delcy Rodríguez, special guest in space, said that “the entire risk system is deployed, addressing all types of difficulty that has arisen in the La Línea Sector” of the capital sector.

The head of state instructed all monitoring teams to be alert for the rains in the central area, towards the plains and Zulia. Regarding the climate reality, the National President recalled that there is global overheating, and highlighted that this Thursday, for the first time in many months, the temperature in Caracas was 23 degrees.

The president with the first combatant and the vice president in the radio broadcast. Photo Social Networks

In another vein, the president signed the decree creating the Ministry of Popular Power for the Elderly. “Officially, grandparents of the country, I sign the decree to advance social protection, support and entrepreneurship of our older adults,” he said.

He commented that the creation of this instance is in line with the application of the 7T.net strategy, a government program carried out by the Maduro administration. “The 7Ts are connected to the big changes that Venezuela needs,” confirmed the president.

Good news about Blessed José Gregorio Hernández

On Corpus Christi Day, the president greeted the entire Catholic community of the country, and announced the good news he received about Blessed José Gregorio Hernández, the Deer of God and Doctor of the Poor.

“I greet Pope Francis, yesterday I received beautiful news,” detailing that it is the “canonization” of Blessed José Gregorio Hernández.

Although he did not want to provide further details about this information, he commented that it is “very beautiful and auspicious news about the canonization of our Saint José Gregorio Hernández.”

Within the framework of the Corpus Christi festival, he greeted all the brotherhoods of the Dancing Devils, Intangible Heritage of Humanity, who celebrated their festivals throughout the country.

The president also invited the Minister of Culture Ernesto Villegas, who was on the coast of Aragua state celebrating this holiday, and brought as a gift a rejo sent by a member of the Dancing Devils of Cata, an instrument they use to scare away bad energies and demons.

A “sweetheart” to January 23

The first national leader announced that he approved the resources of a point of account for the waterproofing, façade painting and repair of the January 23 blocks, and requested that these works begin as soon as possible together with popular power.

He said that this project includes the work of the plastic artist Juvenal Ravelo, to “turn the blocks of January 23 into a work of art.” The artist's works will be captured in the blocks of the populous Caracas parish.

Mission Venezuela Bella will reach more temples

The head of state announced the approval of new resources for the Venezuela Bella Mission, which will be used for the recovery, repair, equipment and beautification of religious temples, both Christian and Catholic throughout the national territory.

Maduro announced that so far, through this social program, 3565 churches have been repaired throughout the country, including Christian temples and Catholic churches. He urged the religious community of Venezuela to join in this work of rescuing these buildings in which the people express their faith.

The president approved several points of account. Presidential Press Photo

He took advantage of the occasion to approve resources intended to recover 500 new schools and high schools, and 200 Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers within the framework of the actions of the Military Community Brigades for Education and Health (Bricomiles).

“Here I am going to approve new resources that have been injected immediately to recover 500 new schools and high schools and at least 200 Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDI) for health. “The resources have been approved, more than 48 million euros,” he said.

The broadcast was carried out with a link with several stations of the National Public Media System, in addition to the Alternative and Community Media network, in addition to the social networks Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram and X. This first program was attended by President Maduro , the first combatant Cilia Flores and the Executive Vice President Delcy Rodríguez.

The president of the entrepreneurs

The head of state announced that 80 thousand new credits will be granted for women producers through the Great Venezuela Women Mission, 80 thousand new credits for young entrepreneurs through the Great Young Venezuela Mission and 10 thousand credits for motorists through a new program called “Credimoto”, which is programmed for the repair of these vehicles.

“I am the president of the entrepreneurs and I will look for resources even under the stones to support all those workers in the country,” said the president.

“This year we are going to grow twice as much as the second economy. We are going to grow more than 8%,” said the president when projecting the country's economic growth for 2024.

Against censorship

With Maduro Suddenly it is a traveling program and will have simultaneous connection with social networks, to comply with the “Streets, networks, media and walls” strategy, announced by the head of state to counteract censorship on social networks, he said.

”This program comes to fight against the censorship and brutal campaign that the oligarchy has imposed on us, to try to lie about the deep truth of Venezuela, but they have not been able to and will not be able to, the surnames, the (Henrique) Capriles, (Henry) Ramos Allup, Leopoldo López, María Machado, Julio Borges and others who are out there swarming the train of evil, have not been able to defeat the people or us nor will they be able to," said the head of state.

The ordinary people in the mobilizations

The President and candidate for re-election highlighted in his new program the response of ordinary people in the different mobilizations that have taken place in recent days in support of his administration, which include many disillusioned opponents of their former lídereg.

“It is something beautiful that the mobilizations, since they are local, people call on their neighbors, and those opponents who are tired of the lies and fraud of the opposition (…) have reflected and I extend my hand and my heart to them. Let's unite, as ordinary people,” she urged.

He expressed that “the people in the streets, the ordinary people, really, are impressive. “That mobilized people.”

He also stated that “today I saw and participated in Juan Griego's march and they sent some videos from Agua Blanca, the beloved town of Portuguesa.”
At this point in space, the head of state showed various photos and videos on his cell phone of the different mobilizations that took place this Thursday, May 30, in several states of the country.

“The people in the street always shout with their truth,” he said in this regard.

Rule out debate with Martínez. Continuing with the electoral issue, Maduro rejected the call made by the presidential candidate of Democratic Action and Copei, Luis Eduardo Martínez, to hold a public debate on government programs.

In this regard, he urged Martínez to tell ordinary people what a politician who comes from the Fourth Republic can offer.

He noted that during the pandemic period they asked imperialism for sanctions and blockades so that medicines and food for the people would not reach the country. l

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