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President Maduro denounces attempted electrical sabotage in Margarita

He accused the extremist sectors of wanting to return to the times of violence and guarimba.

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, denounced this Wednesday that a new attempt to sabotage the electrical system was detected, this time directed at the island of Margarita, in the state of Nueva Esparta, with the aim of leaving its population without this important service. .

“He reported that they tried to cut the submarine cable that supplies energy to the island of Margarita,” said the national leader before commenting that this attempt is part of the “electrical war that aims to cause suffering to the people of Venezuela.”

In this sense, the head of state accused extremist sectors of being behind these attacks against the peace of the nation, which have been detected against the National Electric System and against the Angostura bridge, in the state of Bolívar.

He pointed out that it is these sectors that “want violence and guarimba” back, which is why he asked the people and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) to take care of the peace that has cost so much effort.

The announcement was made within the framework of the act of promotions of Generals, Admirals and personnel who ranked 1st in the order of merit of each promotion and category of the FANB.

To the extremists, he issued a harsh warning: “I have very bad news for the surnames and the oligarchy: no one is embarrassing Venezuela. And Venezuela will have peace and stability,” he stated.

Sabotage under investigation

In the state of Nueva Esparta, authorities are investigating the attempted sabotage of the underwater cable that supplies electricity to the island entity, an event that could have affected more than 60% of the population in the 11 municipalities.

This was reported by the sponsor of 1×10 of Good Government, Alí ​​Padrón, who explained that said cable consists of 37 kilometers and runs from the Chacopata sector in the state of Sucre, to the La Isleta sector in the García de Nueva Esparta municipality.

“They tried to cut the submarine cable to cause serious damage to the population of the state, especially on the island of Margarita. If the event had taken place, it would have caused a serious dislocation of economic activity, as well as public services, in hospitals and clinics, and in general of the social life of the state and the island of Margarita, which is why President Nicolás Maduro has ordered an investigation to find those responsible for these terrorist acts,” Padrón explained.

For his part, Admiral Giuseppe Alessandrello, Liaison of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), in the state of Nueva Esparta highlighted that this act of vandalism was reported by the organized Popular Power that alerted the authorities in a timely manner to avoid the impact. of the electrical system. Likewise, he emphasized that these types of actions are typical of extreme right groups at election time.

“Who is affected by a power outage of that magnitude that was going to leave more than half of the population of Nueva Esparta without service. How many days would it take to reconnect the electrical system, while the hospitals were unable to provide service, the tourist activity was affected, remembering that we are at the threshold of one of the most anticipated seasons in the state,” said Alessandrello.

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