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President Maduro: Bolívar's immortal harangue reverberates in the country

The head of state pointed out that the Battle of Carabobo, an feat that sealed the independence of Venezuela, was the most extraordinary military action in our history.

President Nicolás Maduro highlighted this Monday that 203 years after the Carabobo's Battle The libertarian ideology of Simón Bolívar is more valid than ever in his fight to preserve independence from imperialism.

This was stated in his account on the social network

“203 years ago the imposing Carabobo savannah was the scene of the most extraordinary military action in our history, the battle that sealed Independence. Today, faced with a new challenge for the Homeland, Father Bolívar's immortal harangue reverberates throughout the country, calling us once again to fight and win,” he published on the social network.

Earlier, on the same social network, the national leader described the feat of the Battle of Carabobo as epic, and highlighted that the patriotic forces that fought for Independence today constitute a moral reference for the Bolivarian National Armed Forces.

"June 24! Battle of Carabobo, epic victory of the patriotic forces and moral reference for our Bolivarian Army, in memory of the heroic soldiers who, in perfect synchronicity, triumphed over Spain, sealing Independence,” he expressed.

On June 24, 1821, the patriotic Bolivarian Army faced the troops of the royal army of the Spanish Empire and achieved victory, to consolidate the independence process, AVN reviews.

The battle took place in the Carabobo Field, where some 6.500 men commanded by General Simón Bolivar, organized into 3 divisions, under the command of Generals Páez, Ambrosio Plaza and Manuel Cedeño, defeated the Spanish troops in just a few hours. led by General Miguel de la Torre, historical sources refer.

The commemoration of Bolivarian Army Day in the country began on June 24, 1949, by decree of Colonel Carlos Delgado Chalbaud.

The activities in commemoration of this historic feat began early this Monday with the raising of the pavilion in the National Pantheon and honors the Liberator Simón Bolívar.


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