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President Maduro approved resources to recover homes in Mamera

The Head of State reviewed the electoral machinery of the 1x10x7 in a massive rally in Mamera, Antímano

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, announced the approval of resources to begin a housing recovery plan in various sectors of Mamera, Antímano parish, Caracas.

“I have already approved the resources to enter into a plan to fix the homes and all the urban planning capacity of Mamera 1,2,3 and 4. We have already started but we have to accelerate it and radicalize it,” he said while ensuring that Vice President Delcy Rodríguez is the one who will have the responsibility of supervising these works.

This was announced during a meeting with the people of Mamera, where the Head of State also reported on the start of construction of the new Carapita municipal market. “The project is ready,” he emphasized.

Another of the points addressed by the president was the state of the roads in the capital city, for which he ordered the head of government of Caracas, Nahum Fernández, to “get headlong” into a plan to guarantee paving in all the neighborhoods of the capital city.

Rested with the people

Likewise, the President recalled his connection with the neighborhoods and how he grew up in them, which is why his efforts are dedicated to the defense of those most in need.

“No fool is going to come and mislead me, if he looks for me he will find me. Call yourself a pataruco, call yourself an empire, if you look for me you will find me,” he emphasized while highlighting that he is “sharpening his spurs” to defeat the right on July 28.

In this sense, he urged the revolutionary militancy to guarantee the 1x10x7 as a mechanism to achieve a resounding victory and, in this way, ensure peace in the country.

“Caracas has never failed me or left me alone in these hard years. I have not failed them either, I have been loyal to the common people at the cost of my own life, and I will continue to put everything I have to defend the people, to be loyal to the humble,” he highlighted.

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