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President: After 28J Venezuela will remain at peace

Maduro announced that after the great victory of 28J he will call for a new national dialogue process

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, affirmed this Sunday that Venezuela will remain at peace after July 28.

“On July 29 there will be triumph, peace and dialogue to march in unity and harmony,” he said.

During his third “Maduro Live” broadcast through his account on the Tik Tok social network, the Head of State announced that after the great victory of 28J he will call for a new process of national dialogue.

“On July 29, then, this world champion of dialogue who is here, will call for the largest dialogue that has ever been held in Venezuela with all economic, cultural, social, and political sectors, to see the perspectives and consolidate one's own path. of Venezuela with stability,” he added.

Maduro insisted that the objective is to consolidate Venezuela's path towards its development. “To see the future, to see the horizon, to see the perspectives and to consolidate Venezuela's own path with stability and peace for its own development,” he stressed.

Economic growth

Maduro, who was accompanied by Spanish political scientist Juan Carlos Monedero, reiterated that growth this year is projected above 8 percent of the real economy.

In this sense, he highlighted that Venezuela has been “gaining ground in the construction of a new economic system, we have slowed down inflation,” with a view to “a projected inflation this year, the lowest in fourteen years, below 60 percent.” ”.

Likewise, Maduro confirmed that Venezuela has 100 percent supply with high-quality products made in Venezuela, "because Venezuelan agriculture is organic."

“We have gained great ground in political, social and national peace, in citizen security and economic stability,” he stressed.

On the other hand, Maduro announced that the new Pensioners Law has already begun to be applied. “In the next few days we will have good news!”

young Venezuela

President Maduro highlighted that 40 loans have been provided for young people and their ventures, “I believe in you young people, that we have learned to do a lot with little.”

This Sunday he reiterated his call to the people and youth to combat the censorship applied to Venezuela by social networks managed by the West.

“I tell you, above all, the youth, they are not going to silence us, we cannot allow them to censor us, cover us up and ban us,” he said.

In that sense, he invited to multiply “the truth and strength of Venezuela”, because in his opinion “Hope is in the streets! and it doesn't stop anyone”, facing the presidential elections on July 28.

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