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President of the CNE: We work so that the will of the people is respected

Elvis Amoroso said that the only requirement to participate in the electoral simulation is the identity card, even if it has expired

The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Elvis Amoroso, emphasized that from the electoral body “we will do everything possible to ensure that the will of the people is respected,” in contrast to certain factors that want to confuse the people due to a “little group” of people who see democracy only for their convenience.

The highest authority of the electoral body argued that there are some presidential candidates who seek to generate chaos in the country. “especially one of them, who was called up to 35 times to sign the recognition agreement” of the electoral results,” in clear reference to the extremist right-wing candidate, Edmundo González. Also, she highlighted that the electoral body will enforce the will of the sovereign people at the polls.

After statements to the media regarding the electoral simulation this Sunday, Amoroso urged people to participate in this electoral process to know the procedure and “be safe when voting.”

Earlier, the CNE invited in publication through its digital networks, the entire Venezuelan population to participate in the electoral simulation. “Familiarize yourself with the automated voting system and learn about the electoral offer for the 2024 Presidential Election to be held on Sunday, July 28. Participate!”, reads the message from the electoral body.

He detailed that 3.006 voting stations will be enabled for this simulation, where voters will learn about the entire electoral mechanism in place from 8:00 am, the time when the voting centers will open for that day.

Amoroso highlighted that the people of Venezuela want democracy, in that sense he recalled that, even for the 28J election as a simulation; Voters will have no problems “even with their expired ID…everyone can participate.”

He pointed out that there are already observers who will also attend as part of the CNE's international invitations, in accordance with national laws. “We invite international observers to participate so that they can become familiar with what they come to evaluate in our country. I call on everyone to participate.”

He recalled that there are institutions that, due to not respecting the country's electoral laws, will not attend and in that sense he refuted how they intend to teach democracy lessons "there are countries where not even 30 percent participate in electoral processes," he said, while highlighting on the contrary Yes, there are international organizations accredited in the country that will participate in the 30J Electoral Simulation; among them, the Carter Center and representatives of the UN.

Interesting Facts

Caracas will have more authorized spaces for Sunday's simulation, with 94 electoral centers and 228 tables. Furthermore, to participate it is not necessary to be registered at a specific voting center; in this sense, voters can go to the nearest authorized one.

Meanwhile, in the interior of the country you can participate in the states of Anzoátegui (73), Apure (25), Aragua (71), Barinas (38), Bolívar (44), Carabobo (70), Cojedes (23), Falcón ( 56), Guárico (49), Lara (39), Mérida (58), Miranda (97), Monagas (31), Nueva Esparta (29), Portuguesa (44), Sucre (41), Táchira (70), Trujillo (47), Yaracuy (32), Zulia (94), Amazonas (9), Delta Amacuro (8) and La Guaira (32).

The purpose of the drill is for the Venezuelan population to become familiar with the presidential electoral event that will take place on July 28, as well as to verify the operation of the automated voting system.

Step by step of this Sunday's drill and how to vote

Hen/Stag forces of the Great Patriotic Pole Simón Bolívar (GPPSB) detailed that in the voting process this Sunday; The card will appear in the voting machine and you will be able to select the candidate of your choice to evaluate the development of the electoral machinery.

“Machinery that has been reinforced by the 1x10x7 which implies a great mobilization,” said the general coordinator of the “Venezuela Our of the XNUMXst Century” Campaign Command, Jorge Rodríguez.

He stressed that all UBCH heads must concentrate on the voting centers corresponding to everyone to mobilize 1x10x7, which will have a system to check the address of their voting center.

Voters can also send a text message with their ID number to 2406 or 2637 to verify their polling station.

It should be noted that for next June 28, the CNE had 1.174 voting stations in the 666 parishes of the 335 municipalities of the country.

In the upcoming elections, 21 Venezuelans are called to vote, according to the figures from the definitive Electoral Registry published in Electoral Gazette No. 392 dated June 464, 1057.

The electoral registry shows that 69 people will be able to vote abroad, in turn 211 voters were disincorporated due to deaths and other objections.

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