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Petro proposes elevating dialogue in Venezuela to a State Declaration

The Colombian president suggested that dialogue between the government and the opposition should follow the path of his country's peace agreement.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro suggested that the government and opposition of Venezuela should follow the route that these same sectors have charted in their country, with the signing of the peace agreements that they have promoted in the neighboring country.

Petro expressed this idea in his account on the social network

“In my opinion, what I propose for Colombia is valid for Venezuela. A national agreement that in the Venezuelan case seeks maximum guarantees for the opposition, respecting the upcoming electoral result,” the president began by writing.

He gave as an example the Colombian process, which could inspire a path to solving the political crisis in Venezuela. “The agreement made by the high contracting parties: the government and the current opposition should, as we did in Colombia with the peace agreement, be elevated as a unilateral declaration of state before the security commission for greater guarantee of all parties,” he wrote. .

Finally, President Petro indicated that “once the agreement is signed, all economic blockades against the Venezuelan people should be lifted.”

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