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Parties and youth of Lara mobilize and promote the vote

Podemos Lara assured that they are complying with the 1x10 organization

Jesús Santander, national leader of the Party for Social Democracy (Vamos) assured that this partisan banner is complying with the 1×10 organization, “as the candidate of the country and president Nicolás Maduro demanded.”

Santander, who also leads his party in the central-western area of ​​the country, rejected the coercive and unilateral measures that the United States maintains against the Venezuelan people; At the same time, he said that “the unity of the Great Patriotic Pole Simón Bolívar will maintain the driver of victories Nicolás Maduro, starting on July 28, by winning the presidential elections.”

In its most recent visit to Barquisimeto, Santander installed the Podemos teams in charge of guiding the political campaign, starting on July 4 in the entity.

He delegated the organized work and total unity of the other parties of the Great Simón Bolívar Patriotic Pole (GPPSB) to the general secretary, María Auxiliadora (“La Yoya”) Soto accompanied by Rafael Giménez.

Parties and their youth

The youth of the GPPSB in Lara has also consolidated itself in the presidential electoral actions, political sphere, heading towards the perfect victory on July 28.

The national commissioner José Cabello and the youth secretary of the Green Party, Manuel López, joined in their review and guidance of local strategies, who participated in a work day with young people from Lara, held at the Flor de Venezuela National Monument.

For his part, Cabello indicated that they ratified their commitment to the revolutionary process, and that with the help of thirteen political organizations "we will defend the legacy of Commander Hugo Chávez, present in every work and benefit that reaches directly to the people," he stressed.

Cabello took the opportunity to remember that only in revolution is it possible to study in a free and quality system, "we have several challenges, but we must also make profound changes in our process, in order to continue advancing as a single force of youth," he said. .

While López said: "The youth are deployed and we are fine-tuning the necessary details so that on July 28 we will witness an act of democracy, where the people will choose Nicolás Maduro as the only líder defender of life, peace and solidarity”

Other young voices

Gustavo Jiménez, secretary of the Alliance for Change party, stated that the youth are aware of who are the political actors who have requested coercive measures and sanctions, "on the 28th there is only one candidate and it is Nicolás Maduro, who has overcome adversity and strengthened the economic growth of the country,” he pointed out.

Viridiana Jericó, belonging to the PCV, stated that “revolutionary militancy does not faint, we are going to consolidate a broad victory, but to do so, we must unite and integrate into the Great Patriotic Pole with the conviction that we will be electing Nicolás Maduro as the líder who will take the reins of the country.”

It was observed that the young people who participate in the revolutionary front parties are focused on the mobilization and promotion of the vote as an expression of democracy for the presidential elections on July 28.

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