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Colombian paramilitaries reveal that they contacted them to attack Maduro

They explained that those who contacted them made among their requests: "attack the SEN, and infiltrate protests and generate chaos in the streets."

The Conquering Self-Defense Forces of the Sierra denounced to public, national and international opinion that their units in the department of La Guajira have been contacted by far-right groups in Venezuela, to destabilize the government of the Republic of Venezuela.

They made the information known through a statement published on their social networks where they explained that the interlocutors have made all types of requests, including, "attacking the electrical infrastructure, acting against the presidential candidate Nicolás Maduro, acting in case "that he will be re-elected by infiltrating protests and generating chaos in the streets."

In this regard, the Conquistadoras Self-Defense Forces of the Sierra stated that: “Our organization does not get involved in the internal affairs of other countries, that our organization must and has the purpose of maintaining order in the Sierra Nevada, we will contact the diplomatic authorities of Venezuela to disclose details of the information disclosed.”

The illegal armed group known as Autodefensas Conquistadores de la Sierra Nevada (ACS) was initially known as the Pachenca Clan. This nickname derives from the nickname by which Jesús Aguirre Gallego was known, who in the world of paramilitarism called himself Chucho Mercancía or Chucho Pachenca.

Until today, the ACSN have maintained an armed struggle with members of the Clan del Golfo, thereby repeating the violence that Chucho Pachenca and the Caribe Office developed with that illegal armed structure.

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