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Opposition uses Citgo resources for its campaigns

Deputy Julio García indicated that they are appropriating the funds of the Simón Bolívar Foundation, created to help improve the health of vulnerable people

The deputy to the National Assembly and member of the Permanent Commission of Internal Policy, Julio García Zerpa, denounced that the Voluntad Popular party and some NGOs receive financing for their campaigns from the Simón Bolívar Foundation, which was created for the purpose to contribute to improving the health of vulnerable people, especially children.

During an interview on the Primera Página program, Congressman Zerpa stated that Citgo's money, which should be allocated to the aforementioned foundation, in order to pay the operating expenses of children who need lung or bone marrow transplants, is used today, illegally, to finance the opposition's businesses.

He assured that, due to this, several children have died because they were not able to cover their operating expenses, while the opposition flagrantly violates the human rights of this vulnerable sector of the population.

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