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Nicolás Maduro: I start the campaign in Zulia because it is lucky

The candidate of the Homeland predicted that 7 years of prosperity and economic growth are coming for Venezuela

The peace candidate, Nicolás Maduro, together with the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, began, together with the Marabino people, the election campaign heading to the presidential election on 28-J.

“I wanted to start this historic campaign here because Zulia is lucky, Zulia is pure love. Zulia is the voice of hope for a better future to build for our entire country,” he highlighted while ensuring that his candidacy represents “more change and more transformations to conquer the future.”

Likewise, he predicted that Venezuela will come 7 years of prosperity and economic growth. This after remembering all the difficulties that his government together with the people have had to overcome to begin the path of growth that the country currently maintains.

In this sense, he recalled how in the years of the pandemic the right called for sanctions and invasions against our country while the Revolutionary Government, with him at the helm, made great efforts to provide the medicines, supplies and food necessary to serve the people.

Attention to Zulia

On the other hand, Maduro asked the minister of oil and godfather of Zulia, Rafael Tellechea, to immediately start a plan to clean the San Francisco municipality and serve the Zulian people. “I have never seen San Francisco and Maracaibo so abandoned,” he highlighted.

Likewise, he highlighted that when the right wins the elections, the people are the big losers. “In Zulia and Venezuela, on July 28, we will win by a beating,” he highlighted.

Likewise, the standard bearer of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) highlighted that, if re-elected on July 28, he will continue on the side of the people, defending them from attacks from the right.

“I come from the town and I know that there is still a lot to do. Zulia must have confidence that we are on the right path. I swear to you by our liberator, by Zulia, by my general Rafel Urdaneta, by Chávez, that I will never abandon you, that I will never fail you,” he said.

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