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Nahum Fernández: Maduro represents what the people of Venezuela want

Despite the rain, the mobilized people filled the streets of the Macarao parish in Caracas to give their support to Nicolás Maduro

President Nicolás Maduro represents what the people of Venezuela want, he stated this Friday from Macarao in Caracas, Nahum Fernandez, member of the central coordination team of the “Venezuela Nuestra” 21st century campaign command.

In this regard, he stated that a fight is taking place for the main virtue of the Venezuelan people: sovereignty and independence.

“Those of us who believe that this country has to be sovereign and independent are going with Maduro,” he said before the crowd he mobilized in the populous capital parish, despite the rain that has been falling since the morning.

Fernández indicated that the presidential elections on July 28 must bring two fundamental elements: the protest against those who have attacked the people and that each person who votes for Nicolás Maduro will be casting a vote for love.

“For all of us who love the country, all of us who want independence and sovereignty, the one who represents the future is Nicolás Maduro,” reiterated the Caracas political leader.

In his words, the vice president of Mobilization and Events of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, PSUV, pointed out that the right-wing opponents, after asking for sanctions and blockades, want to come and blame the Government for what they did to the people and intend to make a clean slate. new account.

In contrast, he highlighted that Nicolás Maduro is the president who supports the Venezuelan family and protects the Venezuelan youth, and all the women and children of the country.

Nicolás Maduro's resounding victory

“This July 28 we are going to give a resounding victory to our president Nicolás Maduro,” said Carmen Meléndez, who pointed out that they will continue to mobilize in the streets, while highlighting the large mass mobilization in Macarao despite the rain.

“We cannot be wrong, we have 58 days left until July 28 when we are going to be on the streets mobilized as the main task of our Revolution,” he stated.

“Macarao undefeated, Macarao revolutionary, Macarao hardworking,” said Meléndez, who highlighted the success of the mobilizations throughout the country to provide support to Nicolás Maduro.

Likewise, he highlighted the management of the 1×10 of Good Government as an example of efficiency and direct communication between President Maduro and the people, as well as the Military Community Brigades of Education and Health.

On the other hand, he emphasized the presence of organized popular power in all the parishes of Caracas, giving its support to the head of state and his management.

He recalled that Maduro built the government program of the 7 transformations by listening to the people.

“We have to defend this government program because it was built by our people,” he added.

Likewise, he recalled the importance of communication in the hands of the people through networks and “radio bemba.”

“We are the ones who guarantee the peace of our country, the ones who guarantee independence,” Meléndez finally stated.

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