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Páez de Portuguesa Municipality mobilized in support of Maduro

The people reaffirmed their "commitment to the organization and construction of the perfect victory of 28J"

In the Páez municipality of the Portuguesa state, the people took to the streets in a massive mobilization to accompany the Central Coordinator of the “Venezuela Nuestra” Campaign Command and the 7 transformations and international relations, Delcy Rodríguez, in support of the president of the Republic and candidate for re-election Nicolás Maduro.

During the day in Acarigua, the people reaffirmed their commitment to the organization and construction of the perfect victory in the face of the presidential elections on July 28.

“We have to be organized, brothers and sisters, from now until July 28, house to house, radio Bemba, at work, farmers, fishermen, workers, all in national unity to defend the most beautiful thing we have, which is our homeland. As Simón Bolívar inherited it to us and as Commander Hugo Chávez bequeathed it to us,” Rodríguez highlighted.

In that sense, he stated that the people will defeat on July 28 those who try to harm the Bolivarian homeland.

“We will set an example of what this country is capable of defeating. We are capable of defeating the United States, the European majunches, who are insolent, who dare to give orders to the Venezuelan people, and we are going to defeat them with the vote. Make no mistake, this people is capable of giving their lives to defend their historical dignity.

Likewise, he highlighted the courage, determination and political power of the Venezuelan people.

“The people of Venezuela are a people with political power, who do not believe in the patarucos, nor in the fascist and extremist caste that can snatch political power from Venezuelans. “This fight we are fighting is for the future, happiness and dignity of Venezuelan youth,” he stated.

Likewise, the youth of Acarigua were present and reaffirmed their commitment to President Maduro, of whom they are very proud for always being at the side of the people and guaranteeing their well-being, despite the attacks, AVN reported.

In the activity, Rodríguez was accompanied by the political leadership of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in Portuguesa, she marched alongside the men and women of Acarigua.

The governor of the entity, Primitivo Cedeño emphasized that “we are marching against the sanctions, the blockade and in absolute support of our líder President Nicolás Maduro, from the southern area of ​​Acarigua of the Páez Municipality in the Great March “Hope is in the Streets.”

It should be noted that the event was also attended by the sponsor of the entity and Minister of Popular Power for Public Works, Gen. Raúl Paredes; the liaison of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela PSUV, deputy Blanca Eekhout, deputy Rodolfo Crespo, mayor Rafael Torrealba, among others.

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