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Future Movement promotes law on use and final disposal of packaging

Rodríguez highlighted the importance of transforming consumption models from each home and each family

In the coming weeks, the Future Movement will propose to the National Assembly the development of a law regarding the use, materials and final disposal of packaging for everyday products, reported the national coordinator of that organization, Héctor Rodríguez.

During a press conference held from the headquarters of the Future Movement, located in Los Dos Caminos, Sucre municipality, Rodríguez explained that the production of solid waste on planet Earth is approximately one kilogram per person per day, which is generated only in the landfill. La Bonanza between 5 and 6 million kilograms of garbage, reports an AVN note.

In addition, he called for transforming consumption models from each home and each family, which is why he urged the Future Movement to take the lead in the transformation of this reality.

“The irrational consumption model is not sustainable. In order for us human beings to continue existing on planet Earth, we have to change the way we are living,” he indicated.

Congratulations to Mexico

The national coordinator of the Future Movement, Héctor Rodríguez, gave a message of solidarity and congratulations to the people of Mexico, after the victory of Claudia Sheinbaum, the first woman to become president, a social fighter, lover of science.

She highlighted that the Future Movement celebrated this milestone as an inspiring example of female empowerment and the integration of science in political decision-making.

He highlighted that the interdependence between freedom and equality allows us to build a society where all its members have access to material conditions and rights that guarantee their well-being and dignity.

Also, he took the opportunity to recount the activities carried out by the Future Movement in Venezuela, including emblematic cultural expressions, such as the Dancing Devils of Yare, which reflect the commitment to the preservation and promotion of national identity.

social transformation

Likewise, Rodríguez emphasized the important role of the community in social transformation: “The Future Movement continues to strengthen its organizational structure and promote citizen participation, through community assemblies and the dissemination of its values ​​and principles, in millions of Venezuelan homes.”

In this way, he took the opportunity to invite popular power to participate in the initiative to create murals, which opened registration until the 28th of this month, as a form of social mobilization and cultural expression, which has been well received, marking a new chapter. in the community organization of the movement.

Regarding the Mission of Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the Homeland, he highlighted the importance of valuing the experience and wisdom of older adults, in the construction of an inclusive and respectful society.

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