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Moncada denounces that Abrams requested more sanctions against the country

The diplomat showed an article by Elliot Abrams in which he asks Biden to destroy Venezuelan oil production

The former official of United States (USA) Elliot Abrams asked Joe Biden's government to promote more sanctions to destroy Venezuela's oil production, the permanent representative of Venezuela before the United Nations Organization (UN), Samuel Moncada.

Through a message published on his he will not be able to win the elections.

In the text, Moncada indicates that the “war criminal” is the best of the US candidate in the presidential elections in Venezuela.

“War criminal Elliot Abrams is the best defender of the US candidate in Venezuelan elections. To favor his local agent, he asks Biden to destroy Venezuelan oil production. According to Abrams, if with more sanctions his puppet did not win the elections, the US should ignore the results,” the diplomat posted on the social network.

“This is a new coup d'état. They are the same ones who have been trying since 2002,” he denounced.

Likewise, in another message, Moncada assured that Abrams is back for "revenge" after Venezuela denounced him in 2019 as preparing another military invasion, sabotage and coup d'état against the country.

Likewise, the diplomat listed the war crimes with which the disastrous former US official has been linked:

"– Convicted for Iran-Contra case (1991)
– Complicit massacre of El Mozote in El Salvador, more than a thousand civilians murdered (1981)
– ⁠Sent weapons to Nicaragua disguised as humanitarian aid (1987)
– ⁠Planned coup against President Chávez (2002)
– Helped plan the invasion of Iraq (2003)
– ⁠In charge of economic war against Venezuela. Planned invasion disguised as humanitarian aid (2019)
“, detailed Samuel Moncada.

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