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Minister Márquez attends to the Potrerito community after a new attack on the SEN

Service was restored in the area, while major work is being carried out to correct the damage from the sabotage.

After a new act of sabotage against the National Electric System (SEN), the Minister of Popular Power for Electric Energy, Jorge Márquez, moved to the Potrerito sector, located in the La Cañada de Urdaneta municipality, Zulia state, to attend to the community, after the collapse induced to the high tension tower No. 89 that interrupted the service.

The Sector Vice President of Public Works and Services also personally attended to the community affected by this new act of sabotage, caused by the extreme right, in the entity.

During the tour of the community, Márquez reported that the working force of the National Electric Corporation (Corpoelec) carries out the corresponding tasks “so that these inhabitants of the municipality can have their electrical service during these days, while we carry out major repairs.” .

Previously, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, during a meeting with the people of Zulia, denounced attacks against electrical service, the second recorded in the western state in the month of June.

Last Wednesday the 19th, in the community of Bachaquero, a terrorist act was recorded in a high voltage tower.

After the work in the populated area of ​​Bachaquero, Corpoelec restored the electrical service in that sector of the Eastern Coast of the Lake in record time.

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